What is the Ghost Box?

Radio Shack Hack and the History of the Ghost BoxWhat is a Ghost Box? How does the Ghost Box work?

The argument has been made that Thomas Edison was working on a ghost communication device – a ghost box of sorts, to contact the dead. However, there are many Edison experts that would argue that it was only legend, a myth that is untrue. They will point out that he neither believed in the afterlife, nor did he believe spirits and ghosts could be contacted through an electronic device. Whatever the truth behind Edison, his personal diary makes a good story and backdrop to the ghost box.

Even more intriguing, some today claim they are in contact with Thomas Edison via the ghost box; but many respected researchers of the latest ghost box technology have yet to make contact with the famous, dead inventor. That said, what is a ghost box, and what is the history behind it?

Fairport Harbor Lighthouse Ghost Box Recordings: Cat

Fairport Harbor Ghost Box Recordings

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Gettysburg Ghost Box Recordings

Gettysburg Recordings

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Does the Ghost Box Work?

Does the Ghost Box Work?

Video that explores if the ghost box (Frank's Box) really works...(part1)
Is the Ghost Box real? Does it really work?

Is the Ghost Box Real?

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Ghost Box Video Session

Ghost Box Video

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The Ghost Box: Who Is There?
The biggest debate over the ghost box might be just who in the heck is coming through these devices? Are they spirits? Ghosts? Demons (the religious ask)? Aliens? Our own projected thoughts? The research continues in this area, but many believe both ghosts, spirits and beings from another realm are making contact through the ghost box. Experimenters have received positive, good messages, as well as negative and cursing messages. This would indicate that perhaps the range of messengers who are able to manipulate this device into audible words is broad. Some believe that there are spirits from the light called “controls” or “operators” who work to establish contact and can bring other spirits and ghosts forward through the ghost box. Some of these same operators have been recorded coming through different ghost boxes by different people in different geographical locations. This would lead one to think that operators are involved from the other side in order to try and organize a grid of control and functionality. Whatever the case may hold to be true, it does appear that one’s connection with the other side seems to influence how good and what type of results will be experienced through the ghost box. It just may be that those who are recording the best results might be psychic in nature, truly connected with the spirit realm prior to the existence of any ghost box.

Angels & Ghosts worked in 2008 to run experiments with different ghost box configurations for utilizing and recording the altered Radio Shack ghost box. Our results and story can be read in the book, Helping Ghosts. Thank you to all who have freely shared their work and ideas with the world.

How to Use the Ghost Box to Help Ghosts (Spirit Rescue):
Spirit Rescue
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