Ghosts Communicating with Us?

A look at how ghosts may be attempting to communicate with the living through electronics...

Ghosts communicating with us...the living?Are Ghosts Communicating with Us Through Electronics?
After many investigations and numerous ghost and spirit communications, we are convinced that people who have passed and are with us try and make their presence known. Even better, we're going to suggest that many of them are trying to communicate with us, frequently. Electronic devices have been known to either bring forth or even record their voices and messages. From radio, to phonographs, to voice recorders, messages from ghosts and spirits have been a phenomenon that have awed many.

EVP: Recording of Ghosts' Voices
One might say that electronics seem to be the key to breaking through to the other side, especially if one is not a talented psychic medium. Using a simple audio recorder in order to hear voices of the disembodied is just one popular method (EVP or electronic voice phenomenon). With some audio recording devices used to collect EVP, the voices of entities speaking can be heard with headphones while recording them live. EVP recording has become the accepted norm in ghost investigation.

Ghost Box - Franks Box 
The ghost box, or Frank's Box, has been another intriguing method of bringing forth communications from beyond that, at times, are fascinatingly credible. The ghost box method of EVP collection typically produces greater results, meaning increased frequency of messages that are more clear. Our point for writing this is to establish that, somehow, ghost and spirit messages can be brought forth by electronics. Let's look at some other examples of this phenomena with some different electronic devices.

E-mails from the Dead
Tim Art from Pennsylvania had a best friend, Jack Froese, who passed away from a heart arrythmia in June 2011. In November of that same year, Tim received an e-mail from Jack. It was quick and to the point. It said,

"I'm watching. Did you hear me? I'm at your house. Clean your f---ing attic."

The attic reference was particularly chilling, as the second to last time Jack was at Tim's house, they were looking at his attic, talking about what to do in order to refinish it. The floor was very dusty, so Jack had told Tim at that time to clean his attic. But the story of the rogue e-mail does not stop there. A few other people received e-mails from Jack, too. On November 21st, 2011, a cousin, Jim, received an e-mail from Jack, asking how Jim's ankle was doing. He also reminded Jim that he had told him to be careful. Jim had recently broken his ankle a week prior. This was significant. It meant that the e-mail definitely originated from well after Jack's passing. Even more startling, no one, that the family or friends know of, has Jack's e-mail password. Jack's mom has told those who received the special communications from the other side of the grave to think of it as a gift.

Voicemails from the Dead
Sometimes ghostly contact will be made by phone either in-person or by leaving a voicemail or message on an answering machine. In just one intriguing story, a paranormal investigator reported receiving a March 2011 phone message from someone who died in December 2010. It was her grandfather. The message was full of static, like white noise, but had what sounded like someone whispering the word "grandpa" in the middle of the answering machine recording. The voicemail communication was recorded after only one ring on a land-line phone.

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