Spirit Help From Beyond

Are spirits and ghosts able to offer help from beyond? Is there spirit help, whether solicited or not, that occurs from within the unseen to those who inhabit the Earth?

After analyzing thousands of people's experiences, weighing them with the evidence we have collected for over a decade, we feel certain that all of humanity is surrounded by benevolent spirits who wish to communicate and assist the living.

Spirit Help – What Does That Mean?

In order to define the idea of help from spirits, let's first consider that, perhaps, we are surrounded by unseen witnesses in spirit ('spirit' meaning 'one energy') who are really just people without bodies who observe and interact with mankind. Why might spirits want to do this? What is in it for them? Maybe they enjoy learning from our lives; maybe they wish to share advice, guidance that we can follow. If true, are we even aware of their presence among us? Have we come to believe, over time and through our life experiences, that having a physical body is necessary to experience 'living' in this realm? If so, could we be wrong to have made such an assumption? We assert that spirit helpers do not need to have a physical body to provide help and guidance to us from beyond; and spirits are capable of experiencing (and learning from) life here on earth with us.

Whispers from Spirits

Evidence of Help From Beyond

We could cite ancient manuscripts, such as this biblical text, that claim spirits interact with us (maybe more than we know):

“We are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses.”

Being surrounded with spirit help sounds a bit intimidating, we admit. But perhaps the writer chose those words to let us know that we are never truly alone; we are connected to something greater than just ourselves. To be surrounded would indicate an all encompassing presence - a truly, unified connection with everyone. 

Audio of a Spirit Voice Offering Help

Is this "Whispers EVP" from an enlightened spirit who is trying to help another living soul?
(Listen for the whispers of, "You will be OK," "There will be no trouble," and "The answers will come to you." EVP courtesy of Laura Lyn and AngelReader.net.)

  • Whispers EVP

Spirits Helping by Speaking

Mysterious Voices from the Other Side of the Veil

EVP, electronic voice phenomena, are disembodied voices, found within audio recordings, that are communications from those whom we cannot see - ghosts and spirits. For decades, thousands of recordings have been captured by EVP experimenters and ghost investigators, revealing incredible messages from beyond the grave. The following EVP was sent to us by Laura Lyn, a psychic medium. She is trying to help a lost spirit while another voice, a loving spirit affirming Laura's message, was captured by an audio recorder. Both were working together toward one goal: helping another lost soul.

Experimenting With the Idea That Spirits Are With Us

We had conducted our own experiments with ghost communication. During numerous recordings we made, it seemed we continually recorded messages of enlightened beings, spirit help, who were more than willing to share insights and assist lost spirits (ghosts) reunite with their loved ones who had passed on before them. It would seem that the cleansing, dying process, typically mentioned in most near death experiences (reuniting with loved ones, having a “light” experience, and then undergoing a life-review), never took place for the ghosts we encountered until they crossed over beyond this plane of earthly existence. Either they somehow missed it, or purposely avoided leaving this world and the life-journey that awaited them beyond the veil.

Interestingly, the idea that spirit help is there for us when it comes time to bring a close to our earthly lives, is something that is well known in hospital ghosts and nursing home ghost stories. The following story from Nova Giannini is but one example of how spirit help can come when we least expect it. In fact, we might not even recognize spirit help from beyond when it comes to us:

“I believe I met an angel June 30, 1989, the night my father died. He was nearing the end of his 15-year struggle with emphysema, and lay comatose in a hospital bed. My two sisters and I had been taking turns sitting with him, this was my night to be there.

I was sitting in the dark by my dad's bed, watching him sleep, thinking about his life. I knew there were things he regretted and that made me so sad for him I started to cry softly.

Around 11 p.m., the door opened slowly and I saw the silhouette of what looked like a female nurse enter. She was backlit by the bright ward lights in the hallway, making it impossible to discern her features. I thought nothing of this, since dad had been checked on several times by staff earlier that evening.

Spirit Help From BeyondBut this felt different. Even in the murky light after the door closed, I could see her white uniform and cap. It seemed old-fashioned...circa 1930s. She didn't bother turning on the lights, which I thought was strange. She simply walked silently around the end of the hospital bed to where I sat weeping. In a strong British accent, she asked me how I was doing, and put a hand on my shoulder as if to comfort me.

I started to really sob then, and she petted my head like a mother might, telling me softly, 'You know, your father isn't in any pain. What's happening to him is normal and natural and it is the order of things. You're a good daughter to stay by his side. He knows you love him.'

Her serene presence seemed to envelop me, and a calmness settled in my soul. Oddly, she never went near my father. She spent about five minutes in the room, standing beside my chair with her hand on my shoulder, before leaving.

An hour later, my father died just after midnight on July 1, 1989. I was ushered out of the room by staff who needed to do things I wasn't allowed to watch. I wandered down to the nurse's station and asked to speak to the nurse that had come into my dad's room an hour before, the one with the odd uniform and British accent. I wanted to thank her for her kindness.

The half dozen nurses at the station looked at each other quizzically then informed me that no one fitting that description worked there. I asked if it might have been a volunteer, but they assured me none had visited this late. It was then I knew that something extraordinary had occurred.

I have never been particularly 'religious.' The idea of angels and demons and saints is foreign to me. But to this day, I cannot explain what happened that night. I can only say that I am grateful for it.”

Spirit Help Conclusion:

After reviewing the evidence for the case of spirit help, we are convinced that none of us are ever alone. Loving people in spirit are always with us, guiding, protecting, speaking and observing. Some of these “messengers” (the meaning behind the word, “angels”) may just make their presence known. For us, the question is not whether help from beyond exists, but rather if are we open enough to hear or see the spirit help, the spirit friendship that exists within our midst. We encourage readers to find their own path toward opening up to what lies just beyond the surface.