Ghost EVP

Listen to voices of ghosts, known as EVP! Learn about Electronic Voice Phenomenon...

Ghost EVP, also known as electronic voice phenomenon, are unexplainable audio recordings of ghost and spirit voices that occur when no unaccounted-for-person is present to have made the communication. Many of the EVP that were captured, below, are voices of ghosts (or possibly noise within the recordings that resemble human speech) that were not heard audibly at the time when the EVP was recorded.

EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) are often collected by working in a haunted location asking questions. During the EVP collection process, the voice recorder is recording all sounds and is analyzed after the ghost investigation. Audio software for EVP is used to amplify the recording in order to hear any electronic voice phenomena that might have been collected and to clean-up and trim out the recording of any ghost voices so they may be heard more clearly. To see an EVP ghost recording in action, watch the following: EVP Ghost Video. Many ghost investigators use simple-to-use, free or low-cost audio software such as Wavepad or Audacity to analyze EVP.

Take time and listen to some EVP below and see for yourself how electronic voice phenomenon seems to confirm the existence of the afterlife.

Best Audio Recorder for EVP?

Best EVP Audio Recorder

What's the best audio recorder to use for EVP? Here's what we recommend...
Ghost Microphone - Raudive Diode

Raudive Diode Microphone

This little "ghost microphone" is said to enhance the collection of ghost EVP...
Helping Ghosts Book Audio: Free Download!

Helping Ghosts Book Audio

Listen to the EVPs written about in the book, Helping Ghosts! Download for free the 3rd!

More About Recording EVP and Ghosts
EVP collection can be simple or more complex. Some ghost investigators prefer to ask questions, allowing time in-between for ghosts or spirits to answer. Others prefer to lay their audio recording down and not ask questions. Sometimes, ghosts will speak during the middle of conversations. There are no rules.

Interestingly, the amount of EVP recorded can be increased through use of noise. We have also found that the frequency of ghost voices captured seems to increase when people are talking -- in between their sentences as if the voices of the living help to "carry" the voices of ghosts. Because of this effect, some ghost hunters prefer to use white noise, running water or fan noise to increase the potential of recording EVP. Interestingly, the spiricom and ghost box, devices that also generate noise, seem to improve the chances of capturing the messages of ghosts and spirits.

Ghost EVP Tips: Tagging
No matter how you choose to record EVP, we recommend doing so in an environment where there are few people with you. This will cut down on the possibility of contamination by people talking in the background. Also, do not whisper when recording EVP: It might be mistaken as a ghost responding. If you whisper or hear a strange sound, be sure and "tag" it. Tagging EVP means that you audibly mention what you hear while recording, so upon playback, you will know what the sound or voice was (and that is wasn't paranormal in nature).