Australia EVP Recordings

Tracey Donnelly of Australia recently sent us some Quarantine Station ghost pictures and her EVP recordings. This is page two of her EVP. Most are from a spirit named John Lynch:

"I have quite a collection of EVP, which I collected on a Sony digital recorder. I use voice up when it is recording, as it will bring up the EVP nicely. I usually do not enhance my EVP, as I don’t like it when they sound like robots; but sometimes I will enhance to make it a bit clearer. I use Cool Edit Pro and will normally just use light hiss eliminator and click and pop remover. Now and then I will use the amplifier, but I only move it one level up so not to distort. It is rare for me to use the noise remover, but I will tell you if I have used it. Most of the time I can hear my spirit voices quite clearly. They will often answer my questions and so I usually ask a question and give them a little space to answer."

Listen to EVP"Tracey" EVP

Listen to EVP"Tracey" EVP Enhanced

"This was Quarantine Station in Sydney again on the same night as the EVP with the whistle etc. In this one John's spirit was calling my name. He says, 'Tracey.' He says it at 00:03 (now he calls me Trace). He picked that up, because the other team members call me that. He does learn a few things. Sometimes he says, “See you later” and that is a very un-Irish thing to say when you were born in the 1800s. He told me he learned that from me. The second EVP is an enhanced version."

Listen to EVP"Emmett" EVP

"I met this spirit before John's spirit was with me. John has spoken to Emmett and said that he is English and that he drowned in the water just off the station. Records say that a ship sank before it reached the station and a majority of people on board drowned, as they couldn’t swim. I knew this spirit was there, as I could feel him around me and then he tugged my pony tail to let me know he was there. One of the team members asked what his name was. He didn’t answer straight away. I have the recording still of her asking. He decides, then decided to blurt it out when she started to talk about something else. You can hear him say quite clearly 'Emmett.' That name didn’t come to me straight away. I just couldn’t figure out what he was saying, then suddenly I heard it. He is a very passive spirit."

Listen to EVP"Have You Been Here Long?" Just the reply, "Nooo."

Listen to EVP"Have You Been Here Long?" EVP (question and answer)

"A team member asks the spirit present if he has been here long. This was taken on the same night as we got his name. At this stage we didn’t know his name was Emmett. You will hear her say, 'Have you been here long?' and then she gives him time to answer. After a long pause at 00:08 he answers, 'No.' I have the feeling he thought we meant had he been in our presence long that night, and not had he been at the station long overall. He has been there a while…from the 1800s. Maybe he just didn't have any time concept. The first EVP is just the "No," using the noise reduction tool." 

Listen to EVP"No, He's Gone." EVP

Listen to EVP"No, He's Gone." EVP (enhanced)

"This one is interesting. This was taken in the same room which was at Quarantine Station, at a later investigation than the time when we met Emmett. I had John's spirit with me. I must add that John gets jealous of other men spirits coming near me. He tells them to get away from me which can be annoying when you want to communicate with other spirits. He is OK with women spirits. John knew I was out to talk with Emmett. Our team, consisting of about seven that night and I, were seated cross-legged on the wooden floor. The room upstairs in third class is totally void of any furniture. I had been calling for Emmett, because I knew his name now. You will hear me say, 'Is Emmett here?' and then John's spirit does his little signature two taps (which we didn’t hear), because he wanted to say something. Straight after, you can hear Emmett copy him on the other side of the large hall. It echoed and we all heard that. Then John says straight after, 'No, he’s gone.' That is funny, because Emmett wasn’t gone but was keeping his distance on the other side of the large hall (because John was telling him to get lost). That was a jealousy thing. John was trying to draw our attention away from Emmett, so he wouldn’t come over. At the time this was taken, we had a team member missing. We discovered this after, when we were remarking on the loud knocks from Emmett's spirit on the other side of the hall. The male team member then came hurrying over to us, to see if we had heard that noise. He said it wasn’t him. He was coming to tell us. The second EVP is enhanced..."