Recording Spirit Voices

Recording Spirit VoicesIs it possible to record EVP from enlightened spirits or angels?

The purpose of this article is to not only to differentiate between ghost and spirit voices but to explain how we can record the messages of enlightened beings (and not just ghosts). After all, people in spirit vary in personality as well as condition, meaning their mental state.

Ghosts are people who are temporarily lost, connected to the past, and motivated by some form of fear – whether subtle or magnified. Ghosts are people who have not continued on in their life-journey after their body expired. Having not gone through the cleansing process of the light, reunion with family members, or the life-review, these earthbound spirits are typically attracted to this world's places, people or things. They are attached or fond of them, having a strong bond with the past. Yet, ghosts are not easily able to continue the life-journey beyond this realm. Therefore, their messages are near-sighted, usually fear-based, and not something of wisdom.
Spirits, on the other hand, are people who come from the light. They are not earthbound and live within the present moment. The enlightened messages from spirit voices, to me, are always uplifting, encouraging, and not from a place of fear. They bring wisdom, love and peace to the person who hears them. Spirits interact with us daily, whether we realize it or not. They may visit to observe, bring an encouraging message (angel means “messenger”), act as a guide, or possibly watch and learn from our  earthly experiences as we do. 
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When we began recording EVP using a sweeping radio, or ghost box, the focus was, at first, to make a connection with spirits, not ghosts. I wanted direction from those who had a greater perspective beyond what my eyes could see, and I felt that ghosts would not be able to give me messages I could rely upon. Before I ever attempted to record such messages, I had already established communication with spirits through meditation. Their messages came to me as thoughts that removed my fears. They expressed love and often filled my heart with peace and joy. The unpleasant cares and concerns of this world that I struggled with were put at ease through these spirit voices. I knew spirits existed, but now I wanted to record them too.
My connection to spirits was maintained as I went into working with the ghost box and an audio recorder. I openly declared that I only wanted to hear from enlightened messengers, spirits, and asked that they kept earthbound ghosts from interrupting our communication. I trusted in those who were wiser than me to bring forth answers to questions I posed about this world and my role in it. You can do the same. We can be recording spirit voices in addition to ghost voices if we choose. Typical methods for recording the ghost box and EVP will work the same. Seek to record messages from spirits right in your home. Mentally fill your home with light, peace and love. Seek to tune-in to enlightened beings -- those who are always with you, such as family members, friends, and guides. They will make their presence known and their voices heard. (Learn more about Louis' experiences with ghost and spirit communication in his book, Helping Ghosts.)

Using Meditation to Record Spirit VoicesRecording Spirit Voices
Begin your sessions by meditating. Learn to relax your body then quiet your mind until you connect with something deep within you. This is the source of who you are. It is you and your connection with all that is. It is from this place that you will be able to hear spirit voices. Once you understand this, then work to record voices by using EVP and ghost box recording techniques. (Of course, do not go to a haunted place to attempt to do this. Why go to the site of a ghostly manifestation if you want to record spirits? It's not that enlightened entities are not there, but you are more likely to encounter ghost interference.) 
It's best to record in your home, ask questions, and allow time for answers. Then, analyze your audio for disembodied human voices. What did you record? If the message comes from a place of love, peace, and joy, then it is enlightened. If it is frightening at all, you have not recorded a spirit from the light. You have recorded a ghost. Let this barometer of peace, versus fear, be your test.

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