Tracey's EVP Recordings

Tracey Donnelly sent us some Quarantine Station ghost pictures and her collection of EVP, recorded in Australia where she lives and investigates. These EVP, Tracey believes, are from a ghost who communicates with her. His name is John Lynch.
"I have quite a collection of EVP, which I collected on a Sony digital recorder. I use voice up when it is recording, as it will bring up the EVP nicely. I usually do not enhance my EVP, as I don’t like it when they sound like robots; but sometimes I will enhance to make it a bit clearer.  I use Cool Edit Pro and will normally just use light hiss eliminator and click and pop remover. Now and then I will use the amplifier, but I only move it one level up so not to distort. It is rare for me to use the noise remover, but I will tell you if I have used it.  Most of the time I can hear my spirit voices quite clearly. They will often answer my questions and so I usually ask a question and give them a little space to answer."
Listen to Audio"Me Love You" EVP

Listen to Audio"Me Love You" EVP (enhanced)

"This was taken at Campbelltown Theatre, 4th May 07.  John (spirit) had told me beforehand he was going to say something to me on my recorder so I could hear his voice. There were four people present (me, my sister and another team member and his wife).  We were sitting quietly and I had just turned on my recorder.  I could hear someone ascending the stairs that lead to this room.  I state this on the recording. At 00:12 you will hear John spirit say 'Me love you.' He does say this to me all the time telepathically, but I must admit I was surprised to actually get it as an EVP. There is a bit of noise with the recorder as I had it attached to my jacket. The second EVP is an shortened version of the actual words and I made it a bit louder."
Listen to Audio"Let Go of my Hand" EVP
Listen to Audio"Let Go of my Hand" EVP (enhanced)
"In this one I was at Quarantine Station in North Head, Sydney.  It’s a very haunted place.  I was in the third class dining room kitchen downstairs. I could feel John with me. There was only myself and another team member with me. I was showing her how I can feel John hold my hand. I held out my hand and then I could feel the usual tingling and then the pressure of his hand in mine. I continued to talk forgetting I had my hand still up in the air being held.  You will notice at 00:15 I pause, as I was being distracted by my hand feeling strange - almost like he was moving his hand in mine. The EVP is at 00:22 and John spirit says, 'Let go of my hand.' I laughed when I heard this, as he must have been wiggling his hand free or something like that. The second EVP is made louder..."
Listen to Audio"Whistle in 3rd Class QS" EVP

Listen to Audio"Whistle in 3rd Class QS" EVP (enhanced)
"We were downstairs in the kitchen still and this one was before the Let Go of My Hand EVP. There were four team members there.  (Us two girls and two men). Something that I have noticed with John's spirit is that he will often knock before he speaks.  It's like an attention getting thing.  I think in this EVP he was trying to get our attention.  At 00:07 there are some knocks, which none of us made, and then at 00:09 there are two more; and then John's spirit whistles straight after.  He has told me that this is the whistle he used to do in the bush when he was on the loose and hung out with some bush rangers.  He is actually classed in some Australian historical notes as being a bush ranger.  He did do some robberies with some others in the bush.  He has told me that he had a real gun, but it did not work.  He still used it in robberies anyway.  He didn’t steal money, but he stole ‘valuable items.'  He has told me that he used that whistle when he was trying to let a contact at a meeting place know he was there.  He also had a stolen goods racket going. The second EVP is enhanced to make it louder..."

More Information About Tracey Donnelly & John Lynch:
"I am clair sentient, clairvoyant to an extent and often clair audience with earth bounds. I have only been addressing this the last couple of years, though its something I think I have noticed since I was about 13.  I do have an earthbound spirit that most would say is attached to me presently. I know this spirit very well and he came home with me from a location we used to frequent often.  In his habitat, he was not a nice spirit, more a poltergeist and I have some very good infrared footage of him in orb form and also tapping communication with us. All of my group knows him and so did some members of the public and some media. I knew more, because I was the researcher and obtained a lot of stuff on him.

John was an Irish convict whose life turned upside down when he was transported to Australia in 1831 for stealing, and he got 14 years which he didn’t see out, as he was hanged for taking some lives. My conversations and experiences with him to date lead me to believe that a demon was at the root of it all. He reached such a low in his life at the young age of 19 that he lost his faith in God. He was a catholic and so he believed when he died that he would go to hell and I believe that is why he didn’t cross over.  He also had an issue with his mother, as he loved his mother very much and when he wrote to her from Van Dieman’s Land, he did not get any reply from her; so he thought that she had abandoned him and he felt like he wasn’t loved.  I showed him love and compassion which is very healing for an earthbound, but now John does not want to go to heaven just yet, because he says he loves me and he doesn’t want to leave me.  We have tried.  I have sent over some of his spirit friends on his request.  I even sent over one of his victims on his request.

John tells me he isn’t afraid to go to heaven anymore and face God; he just loves me very much and thinks that if he goes he won't see me and he doesn’t want to be there without me. I have tried to explain, but he is being a stubborn Irishman.  It's important to know that he does not harm me in anyway.  He doesn’t make me sick or draw too much energy.  He doesn’t make noises anymore, though he did when he first came to my house. He did everything to get my attention which he got. He even got my husband's attention and he is a sceptic.  I am a nurse and have had him at work with me holding my hand while I had a thermometer in someone’s mouth.  I asked him what he was doing and he said, “Helping you.”  He is always very gentle with me, and when my dog had to be euthanized in April, John told me something which made me feel a lot better.  He said to me, “He says, thank you for my life.”  He was referring to my dog's spirit that he said he saw come out like a mist and be around my head for a moment or two, and then go up and disappear.  When I was in crying in the waiting room, this spirit was rubbing my back very gently and consoling me.

John has changed a lot from how he was.  He does not have the hate he had before.  I feel that when the time is right, he will make the transition. To be honest, I have never heard of earth bounds falling in love with living people before.  My conversations with him are just like if I was talking to a person who was alive and not someone who has been dead for 165 years. He was 29 when he died.  He often uses words though that make me laugh.  He says words like tempered for angry, and fledgling for roast chicken, and ponder for think. He also uses some bad English sometimes.  He will say me instead of I.  He has told me that when he was younger in Ireland he used to say this and his mother would pick him up on it.  I tried to correct him and he says he doesn’t want to say I, and so he doesn’t.  He can say I, as he has said it in the courthouse where he used to be, but he told me he used that word then, so not to look like an idiot.  He has basically said that he feels comfortable with me to be able to say me like he used to."