Communicating With the Dead

Communicating with the DeadVarious methods for communicating with people who are spirit.

Can the dead (or seemingly dead) contact the living? We believe that communication with the dead is possible, and there are many different ways to communicate with ghosts and spirits.

Often, people remain unaware that ghosts and spirits are trying to communicate with them. We miss the signs. The break in communication usually occurs when one is too busy to hear the messages or maybe just doesn't recognize abnormal occurrences as being forms of communication emanating from "the other side." Spirits, which are people, do not necessarily speak as we do. Perhaps they cannot speak to us through speech that we would consider normal in our world, as the gulf that lies between the physical and spiritual realms may make it difficult to do so. (Read Communication From The Dead for ways ghosts may try to get our attention.)

Methods for Communicating with the Dead
To make contact with people who are on the "other side of the veil" (those who are with us but remain unseen), there are several options for which to explore:

  • Personal contact through use of meditation
  • The use of a medium to "bridge the gap" between you and those with whom you wish to speak
  • Instrumental Transcommunication methods using various electronic devices and techniques

By meditating, we can quiet the mind, relax the body and connect with "something greater" within us all. Through practice, meditation can help to bring a deep connection with those who are with us in spirit. The use of meditation for communication is something that needs to be practiced daily in order to develop the habit (meaning the ability to more easily quiet the mind so as to listen) and experience necessary to do so with ease.

Speaking with the DeadThe use of a good psychic medium is an alternative that may garner answers for those seeking to make contact with the spirit world but struggle with other forms of spirit communication. Mediums tend to prefer different techniques and may employ different forms of scrying, channeling or divination to make contact with ghosts and spirits.

Although, communicating with our family, friends and strangers in the spirit world can be achieved through a personal meditation or the use of mediums, two-way conversation can also happen through use of EVP (electronic voice phenomena), use of a ghost box and other forms of techniques that use electronics (this is called Instrumental TransCommunication or ITC, for short). 

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