Ghost Phone Calls from the Dead

Ghost Phone Calls from the DeadCan ghosts call people by way of electronic devices, such as telephones and cell phones in order to get a message to loved ones?  Some say that it is possible.
I can recall several ghost stories about telephone calls from the dead.  Often, the stories tell of a last minute message, such as "I love you" or "Goodbye."  The loved one receiving the true long-distance call is often shocked, recognizing the voice on the other end of the phone as being a deceased family member.
Strange enough, when such ghost calls from the dead occur, caller ID screens have been said to display weird phone numbers, such as 000-000-0000 (see a real ghost call phone number screenshot). There have even been reports of people receiving the ghost calls as messages on their answering machine or voice mail!
To hear one of these phantom telephone calls from the dead recorded on an answering machine, listen to this real Phone Call From The Dead.

Telephone Calls from the Dead

The First Dead Call

One of the first reports of a phone call from the dead came in 1969, where a New Jersey rock musician received a ghostly phone message from his grandmother who had died two days prior.

The Dead Cousin

Another fascinating report of a telephone call from a ghost occurred in Cheshire in 1977. A young lady received a ghost call from her cousin Shirley who had died only a short time before.

In many cases of ghost phone calls from the dead, the communication will be described as full of static (not clear) and the messages will be brief. Should the person question the ghost, often times the phone will hang up abruptly. Ghost phone calls from the dead occur randomly and are not the norm. The voice on the other end of the phone seems to always sound just like the person's voice before their passing. It is not uncommon for the ghostly discussion to fade away, becoming faint. In an unusual twist, some ghost calls will seem to include an operator who makes the connection, especially in older stories involving telephones.

The Static Telephone Call

In another spirited phone call ghost story, a paranormal investigator received a call to investigate a house. The investigator was surprised that the man on the other end of the phone could have found his number, for it was a new cell phone and the number had not yet been given out. Still, the investigator followed up with the phone number the man had given him during their brief conversation.

Upon calling the number, the investigator found a woman at the other end of the phone. She quickly informed the investigator that the name of the man he had asker her about was her husband who had died a decade previously and was not still alive. Her husband couldn't have made the phone call to the investigator.

Rattled, the investigator decided to call the number back that the man had called him from and received an earful of static, followed by an abrupt termination of the call. This happened two times. So, the investigator then called the woman back and explained the entire, strange story. He was stupefied to find out the old, static-filled phone number he had dialed was indeed the woman's and her deceased husband's old telephone number from the house he had died in when it burnt down!

A Ghost Call in England

In 2008, a man from England shared a different ghost call story with the media. This ghost story concerned his dead wife contacting him by way of his cell phone. Not only did Frank claim to have received phone calls from the dead, but further claimed that his deceased wife and son also visited with him in his home!

Frank's son died from a brain tumor and his wife's life ceased three months later due to a heart attack. The odd story of the ghost phone call began when Frank noticed he had a missed call on his mobile phone, but the cell phone never rang. The call came from his empty home, a place where he no longer wished to visit after his family had passed so tragically. When he entered his home he immediately recognized the smell of his wife's cigarettes and her perfume. Frank says she always had a cell phone with her and they even buried her with it. Not only have they answered strange phone calls but they have even received text messages that they also believe to be from her!

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