The Spirit Rescue Experiment

The Spirit Rescue ExperimentPlay our ghost rescue audio file, see if the haunting stops and report your results!

Ghosts: Let's Try to Help Them and See What Happens!
Question: Will playing an audio recording help some earthbound spirits, ghosts, leave their haunts and not be trapped in this realm any longer?

The Spirit Rescue Experiment





The Backstory
In November 2008, we recorded a spirit rescue live and made the audio file available to paranormal investigators to test. However, we didn't have many, if any, take us up on our experiment. It is still our wish to find some ghost investigators or haunted home owners who would like to end a haunting by helping the ghost to leave (and find peace).

The Free Audio Recording
To help ghosts, we will need to understand their plight and how we can assist them in getting free from it. The following audio file is a recording of a spirit rescue.

Download and Listen to the AudioDownload the Audio File for Spirit Rescue: Spirit Rescue Experiment Audio File (right click on the link and select "save link as" to download the audio file to your computer).

These are the actual words (not a studio-quality, scripted recording) that helped a negative-minded ghost move beyond this plane and enter into the light for healing - a place of forgiveness, happiness, love and peace you may call "heaven." Download the audio and listen to it. If you wish to participate in this experiment, then save this audio file to your computer and replay it to possibly help other ghosts heal, too. By simply playing it for them, let's see how ghosts respond. Will some ghosts listen and leave their haunt behind or will they simply continue to stay put and remain in their current state? Let's find out together, and we will post results if we receive them.

The Instructions

  1. First choose a haunted location, preferrably a private residence that is having issues with a ghost who is disturbing them in some fashion.
  2. Audibly explain to the ghost (or ghosts) that you would like to help them move on in their life-journey, and that to help, you wish to play a recording for them of instructions. Ask that the ghost just listen to the audio recording.
  3. Play the audio recording. If necessary, repeat steps 2-3 until you and the home owner believe there is a change in the residence, hopefully receiving a follow-up report from the home owner a week or so later, as to the results.
  4. Then, contact Angels & Ghosts and report the results. Did it work? How, so? Did it not work? What happened afterward? Please explain your experience in detail, and let us know what happened. Simply, send us your story, letting us know it is part of the Spirit Rescue Experiment.

Join The Spirit Rescue Experiment!

How Will I Know if the Experiment Worked?
Great question - there are two things we would like you to look for, and it all boils down to this: Did the haunting stop? While it may not be definitive proof the experiment worked, per se, it may provide us with clues. So please look for the following signs after playing the rescue audio at a haunted location:

  • When a ghost moves on, look for confirmation in the way of peace. It is something tangible, a presence that will change the entire feeling of the room or home. Do you and other collectively feel anything different?
  • Follow-up with the home owner within a week and see if they can tell a difference. Has the ghostly activity ceased?