EVP Recordings

EVP RecordingsListen to some EVP recordings...audible ghost and spirit sounds!

EVP recordings have been recorded almost everywhere - the voices not being heard during the time the recording was made. There is no exact formula. The voices of ghosts and spirits -- EVP can be found anywhere.

EVP Advice
Ask questions during your EVP recording session. Some ghost hunters start with a prayer or an invitation to the spirits. Start the EVP recording when your energy level is high. It may help with the connection to those on the other side, making you less vulnerable to ghost (negative) energy. EVP recordings of messages, in the beginning, tend to be the most loudest, so you may want to wait a bit before announcing yourself and your intent. Then, ask questions and allow time for the spirit(s) to answer during the EVP recording session. Be sure and capture both the question and the answer time for a good EVP recording analysis - you are looking for answers that align nicely with your questioning. When the EVP recording session is completed, the audio should be analyzed carefully with EVP software and headphones, increasing the volume, and possibly, cleaning up the audio file.