Moundsville Penitentiary EVP Recording

Polly Gear of Mountaineer Ghosts Paranormal Investigators has spent years investigating the haunted Moundsville Penitentiary and photographed the Moundsville Shadow Man.

She sent us this EVP recording along with her comments:

"Thanks" EVP Recording

"...the first ghost hunt at the West Virginia Penitentiary has kicked off this year's season, and I have one of the first EVP to post, now. This is quite good if I may say so. Let me give you a little bit of the situation at the time of the EVP.

There were four of us in the Psyche Ward hallway, upstairs. We met a couple from Pittsburgh and they were fantastic learners. They had brought a few glow sticks, and we had one at a far end of the hall. We were trying to instigate some activity. On this EVP clip, you will first hear me say, 'Take it with you. You can have it.' (meaning the glow stick). Then you can hear the EVP answer, 'Thanks.' - an obvious male voice."

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