Watchers EVP Recording

Joelle sent us this EVP for you to listen to...what do you think? We believe it might say, "You left the fan on." To us it is down right interesting, possibly revealing of how much ghosts and spirits are watchers of our actions. Is this evidence of unseen observers?

"You left the fan on." EVP recording

"This EVP was recorded in my home several weeks ago. I was trying to figure out how to use my digital recorder and inadvertantly picked this up. I was not aware of it until I bought another recorder to replace the one this was recorded on. My new recorder has a download program where I can store files on my computer. Unfortunately, I cannot really edit sound too well. The EVP was very kindly cleaned up for me by one of the persons I emailed it to, and this person expressed amazement at what it sounds like. Quite personally, it has frightened me a great deal. It's so real. Could it be just noise when I was moving the recorder? I have been into ghost hunting for about four years now, so I did obtain the original recorder to try some EVPs. I never expected anything in my home, and have no desire for any resident spirit. Is it possible that someone followed me home from somewhere I've been?"