Hampton Plantation EVP Recording

Joelle sent us several EVP recordings from Hampton Plantation, but they had a lot of noise in them and were corrupted. Then, Joelle wrote us back - her findings are remarkable!

"Several weeks ago, my husband and I visited a very old plantation not far from my home. This was recorded around the cook house, which because of fire, was always set away from the main house. There would have been a lot of activity around this area, as it was where all the meals were prepared for the plantation owners. (On the first EVP) the first thing I hear sounds like someone saying, 'Turn it off.' Then when asked if anyone can see or hear me, I clearly hear someone saying a long drawn out, 'Yes.' I have another one (the second EVP) I picked up in the house itself (plantation), and it sounds like someone very close to me saying a woman's name. I thought they were saying 'banana' (whatever), then I realized that they were probably saying 'but Anna.' Please be aware that I was alone when all of these were recorded."

(You will want to use headphones...)

 "Yes" EVP (We hear "I'm Anna" after the person asks, "Can you hear me?")

 "I'm Anna" EVP (We hear "I'm Anna" instead of "But Anna.")

"This is in regard to an EVP I sent you a few months back. It was picked up at Hampton Plantation here in Awendaw, SC. At the time I mailed it, I thought the voice (inside the house) was saying "But Anna." I have meant to send you what I later found out about that EVP...so here goes. The story (it's actually true) is that one of the members of the Rutledge family, John Henry, committed suicide in an upstairs bedroom. Apparently, he fell in love with the daughter of a pharmacist, but because of her pedigree was not allowed to pursue this avenue. This was both forbidden and not allowed if one was not of the proper "ilk" (which she was not). At the tender age of 21, he took his own life; but apparently did not die immediately. I imagine he suffered a great deal. This was back in the 1800s."

"His burial site is away from the rest of the family. So the story goes that he haunts the place. I had the EVP cleaned up, and to my utter amazement, it's much closer to what one would expect to hear from a heart broken ghost. The thing that really gets me is that the person who cleaned it up probably has no inkling of the meaning of what it sounds like. Instead of "But Anna," it has a much more profound meaning: "I'm mad. I'm upset." I almost fell over when I got it back. I haven't been back to the plantation, but I plan to go in the near future. Thing is, I didn't let on I was there to record him. How did he know?"