1700s Cemetery EVP Recording

James Vasquez sent us this EVP, but it has a lot of noise in it. We sent it to Norm Vogel of New Jersey Ghosts to see if he could clean it up. The first EVP is the original from a colonial, 1700s era cemetery; the second audio file is from Norm, broken out into segments of what he hears - quite different in comparison. The female voice is the most striking!

"Here's an EVP I recorded in a 1700s, run-over cemetery. I heard about this cemetery, so I went alone to check it out. I was told it was a cemetery made by settlers that came through the area. What I hear in this EVP is the following - please let me know what you think." - James

Here is the audio recording of the ghost voices. Are they from colonial days or disembodied people from more recent times who are trying to communicate, wittingly or unwittingly, with James?

1700s Cemetery EVP

James' Notes:

  • At 13 seconds I hear "I'll kill you."
  • At 16 Seconds I hear, "Get out."
  • At 31 seconds someone mumbling "Guilty."
  • At 1:02 I hear a female say, "Why are you here?"
  • At the end, it sounds like a little girl saying, "Patty cake."

Here is the same EVP, broken out by Norm Vogel, and what he hears:

1700s Cemetery EVP (cleaned up)

Each voice is repeated five times. It's interesting to consider how different people hear different things within the same recording. Of course, cleaning it up certainly helps.

  • "Yes, I can" (raspy; very beginning of the tape).
  • "Drunk is fine" (not sure)
  • "Guilty" (VERY clear)
  • "Why do you do this to me?" (female)