EVP: Phone Call From The Dead

This possible recording of a phone call from the dead was sent to us by Lanna. It just could be an amazing example of the phenomenon known as a "phone call from the dead," where a person who has died attempts to get a message to loved ones on earth through the telephone, letting them know they are alive and O.K.

Listen closely to the recorded audio, as it sounds like a woman's voice saying, "Hey, Lanna" or "Hey, Lola."

Listen to this audioPhone Call From the Dead

"We came home one weekend and this was on our answering machine....not sure what it is. If it's not an EVP I'm not going to worry about it. My mom passed away five years ago, and of course, I'd like to think it's her. I can almost make out it saying my name.....probably wishful thinking. I almost deleted it, but thought I'd check caller ID first. There were no calls from anyone we didn't know, and the one or two that did call left messages. It was unusual to me, because of the way the voice sounded. I've never received anything like that before. Plus, I got chill bumps when I first heard it, because it sounded so much like my name. That's got to mean something." - Lanna