EVP Free Download E-Books

Free EVP DownloadsDownloadable EVP help from experts in recording ghost EVP. If you wish to learn more about ghost EVP, electronic voice phenomenon, then we have sourced two free e-books you may download for free.
Sarah Estep and AA-EVP
The American Association - Electronic Voice Phenomena (now the Association Transcommunication) founder Sarah Estep wrote a must read book entitled, "Voices From Eternity" in which she chronicles what she has learned from thousands of ghost voice recordings. We feel her book is a great place to start in order to gain a good perspective on the spirit realm. Sarah's book is a free download in PDF format: Voices From Eternity.
Friedrich Jurgenson and Ghost EVP
Friedrich Jurgenson was an EVP research scientist who lived from 1903-1987. While recording bird calls, he recorded what he believed to be the voice of his mother who was already deceased. Realizing the human voices he heard on the recorder were from the relam of the spirit, Jurgenson began researching and writing books about his discoveries. Friedrich was the true pioneer of EVP research.
Friedrich Jurgenson wrote "Voice Transmissions from the Deceased" and it is an excellent download available in PDF format: Voice Transmissions From The Deceased.