Portland Tunnel EVPs

Portland TunnelsClinton from the U.K. sent us this story and two EVPs for you to listen to.  The first EVP has a response that sounds almost like Clinton's voice in tone and volume.
The second EVP has a female voice which is not as loud as Clinton's.
"Recently, I visited an old war site in Portland, England.  I went with my girlfriend there (the first time) and came across these tunnels.  I went into one tunnel and put my mobile on "record," as I entered.  Stopping perfectly quiet, I asked if there were any spirits there. Just as I said, 'Hopefully, perhaps capture you on video, or uh...' a voice loudly answers 'I'M HERE!'"
Listen to this audioI'm Here EVP
Portland Tunnels"I also went back the following week, and did this again; but outside the grounds by the exit of one tunnel, only to be told by a female voice the 'OTHER END OF THE TUNNEL.' Nobody was there at 7am that morning, and was by myself -- have a close listen."
Listen to this audioThe Other End of the Tunnel EVP
Portland Tunnels

Enhanced Portland Tunnels EVP

HJ Miller recently sent us a sample of Clinton's Portland Tunnels EVP, but enhanced.

Listen to this audioEVP - British Enhanced

Portland Tunnels"I am one of the pioneers of EVP recordings. Some of my current recordings are up to five hours of continuous reception. I happened across Clinton's British recordings on your site and took the liberty to do some enhancement, bumping the sensitivity 1000 times.

I also took out his questions (which were irrelevant to what he was recording) and have attached a rather large .wav file, called british1a.wav of this first recording. If you listen carefully you will hear gongs and various voices that he picked up - these unfortunately I think are from a place none of us would want to be."