Antelope Valley EVP Recordings

Antelope Valley Haunts sent us some EVP from their collection. The following are a few of them with a brief description of the possible ghost voice heard (headphones recommended for listening).

"These are some of my large collection of EVP..."

Listen to AudioOn this evp recording, listen for the word, "Come."

Listen to AudioListen closely to hear what sounds like an EVP of a lady singing or humming or both.

Listen to AudioThis EVP sounds like the ghost is saying, "Death bring a song."

Listen to AudioThis EVP whispers something like, "Wipe out." Interesting...

Listen to AudioSounds like a female voice saying, "Talk to me."

Listen to AudioCould a ghost be saying, "Yeah. It hurts." in this EVP recording?

Listen to AudioAt the end of the recording listen closely for, "I forgive you."