Ghost Box Experiments

We ran tests with ghost box recording back in 2008-2010. This is what we learned from our ghost box experiments.

A ghost box is a ghost and spirit communication tool. We worked with a few different ghost box set-ups and had very good success recording voices of unseen entities.

The Ghost Box Tests

Ghost Box Experiments

Our test initially ran a few weeks, as we experimented with several ghost box set-ups. Eventually, we settled on a configuration (#3) that first worked for us but tried other ideas with limited success. We felt it good to return to the ghost box experiment that worked best for us, and immediately received relative messages, again. (After all this, later, we would prefer a more simple ghost box set-up: #1).

The findings from our first ghost box trials:

  • While the ghost box does not make sense as to how or why it works, it does. It appears that the spirit voices are not necessarily audio manipulation by the spirits themselves, but messages riding on the audio and white noise being used as a carrier. We found if we worked consistently at making contact with spirits daily, and at a specific time to set expectations for not only us, but by spirits, we made better and better contact. This required a commitment by both sides of the grave (humans and spirits) to want to make contact with each other. It required only patience and consistency.
  • The set-up need not be elaborate, but simply experimented with consistently. We recorded messages from every set-up we tried. There seemed to be time needed with each set-up to allow the contact from spirits to become better and better.
  • The intent, or perhaps spirituality of the ghost box operator seemed to dictate what was received as communication. As an example, we would not recommend someone with fear to experiment with the ghost box as they will definitely receive fearful things. Think of it as a mirror, and like attracting like. We believe that spirits, not ghosts for the most part, made contact with us. That's not to say ghosts did not try to jump into the conversation, but they were not dominating it. The messages we received were enlightening, and of importance. Some ghost box users are receiving lower level communication from ghosts, and it could be indicative of their location, desires or intentions of who they wish to make contact with. It is our opinion that both ghosts and spirits can come through the device, and that communication with spirits is best, as they can bring ghosts forward when requested to do so. We believe the reason for this would be to assist the ghost in bringing their message forth and releasing them to move forward in their spiritual journey and heading unto the light, life and peace. (After writing this, we would later record many ghost voices - some even cursing at us!)

Ghost Box Experimenting

What We Used and How We Analyzed the Audio

We worked with two sweeping 12-470 radios on the AM band, volume all the way up, and plugged them into a mixer. The mixer volume was set at 4, and then outputted to a recorder. In the output line to the recorder, we also installed an amplified microphone to pick up the ghost box operator's voice asking questions, and headphones to listen to all the audio as it was being recorded. After each session, the audio was uploaded to a computer, normalized at 60db and never cut. We only trimmed out of the original audio any discernable responses to our questions.

Audio Recordings From Our Ghost Box Experiments

These tests were from our initial experiments. We were not certain if the ghost box worked but saved some of the more compelling messages we possibly recorded. We recommend using a pair of headphones to hear the audio better.

Listen to this EVP(Q=question A=answer)

Q: What are orbs? A: Ghosts 
Q: What can you tell me about spirit rescue? A: Everything. It's possible
Q: Is spirit rescue the goal? A: We missed you. ...very important, very important
Q: What do we need to do at the end of this time? A: Speak to my ear
Q: Are there a lot of earthbound spirits? A: Yes
Q: Mike & Lisa (are you there)? (names of spirits) A: Hear you decent
Q: What is the message the world needs? A: Ghosts speak, Chuck
Q: Is 2008 pivotal? A: To the universe clear. Universal shift
Q: How do we bring in the new age? A: Record us
Q: Is there going to be a major event in 2008. A: Psychic event. Yes.
Q: (Bringing forth spirits) Do they have to be an earthbound spirit? A: For guys that need it, it helps
Q: Can we call on a deceased loved on? A: So many different spirits here
Q: When you say the earth needs our word, what do you mean? A: Earth's word time up

A Game Changer Spirit Message

The following is an amazing recording we made during our initial tests that caused us to believe that ghost box could bring forth messages. It was made piping two different sweeping radios into a mixer and recording the audio. Therefore, there was no way the message was a radio broadcast - it is clearly a woman's voice heard over top of the audio and white noise and appears to be similar to  EVP:

Listen to this EVPThe Earth...they need...our word

Ghost Box Field Tests in Haunted Locations

Fairport Harbor Light
Chef Fritz Roadhouse
St. Augustine Lighthouse

Ghost Box Experiments Parts List
The following are easy to find items that were used in our experiments for set-up #3 (see Ghost Box Set-Up) of our ghost box. Most of these were purchased from Radio Shack:

  • Radio Shack "Hack" 12-470 (old version) radio with the mute wire clipped to make it sweep the AM band.
  • Mixer #32-2056
  • Cables #42-2550 (3)
  • Coupler #274-1555
  • Y-Adapter #274-310
  • Audio Amplifier #63-154
  • Cable #42-2420
  • Headphones with 1/8" plug
  • Audio Recorder (Olympus)