Ghost Communication: Evolution of the Ghost Box

How the ghost box came to be, rising out of EVP, to aid in incredible ghost communication...

If you have not been following ghost communication in the last 30 years, then you have missed quite a lot. Many have heard of psychic medium communication with ghosts, channeling, scrying, electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) and more, but how many have heard the story behind electronics designed specifically for ghost communication? Having started back in 1979 with George Meek's Spiricom, ghost communication has really progressed.

Ghost CommunicationThanks to ghost investigation shows on TV, today, many people have heard audio examples of ghost and spirit messages - EVP recordings. Brief words or sentences are, sometimes captured when recording in various haunted environments. The ghost investigator will ask questions and remain silent while what one would suspect would be silence is then recorded. Later, upon the playback, mysterious messages are, occasionally, discovered. Pretty cool. There are, however, other devices that may be used by the ghost investigator to improve the frequency and clarity of the messages from the ethereal realm. In fact, at times, you might just be able to have two-way communication with ghosts and spirits!

Devices to Help Ghost Communication
Since 2007, an exciting work has been in progress using two-way ghost communication devices called ghost boxes. After reading about ham radio operators picking up ghostly voices, Frank Sumption decided to try and create a ghost box for communication.

Joe's Box Ghost BoxThe idea behind Frank's Boxes was originally based upon sweeping the AM or FM dial (and other frequencies) to, in effect, pick up bits of audio that spirits or ghosts might be able to use to formulate into words. Other modifications had also been added to the design (echo chamber, white noise generator, etc) to try and improve the function of the ghost box. While very unique, Frank's Box design had been made public but progressed slowly, being complicated and hand-built, each one unique. This led to several other inventors creating ghost boxes to try and put more of them into people's hands to escalate the progress of ghost communication. In 2007, the MiniBox was released for testing and made it up for sale by 2008.

Another gentleman located in Florida, created Joe's Box which is of simple design and possibly planned to be manufactured and sold, too. But at that time, the most amazing development was what many had deemed, "The Radio Shack Hack." (Listen to the radio interview, Communication with Ghosts)

Radio Shack Hack: 12-470The Radio Shack Hacks
The Radio Shack Hack was initially called Mike's Box by the guy who discovered it. It made ghost communication available for everyone to experiment with. By opening up a certain Radio Shack AM/FM radio and clipping a pin or wire inside, it was possible to make certain Radio Shack models sweep the AM or FM dial to produce the word bits theorized as needed for ghost communication with those of us here on earth. There had been roughly 6-7 Radio Shack models that could altered in some way over the years. There were also some Sangean and other brands of radios that people found could be altered. Today, most people opt for a PSB7 commercial model that is available and made to sweep the bands right from the factory.

It wouldn't be fair to bring ghost communication devices up without mentioning that the ghost box has been controversial. Some ghost investigators initially believed ghost boxes to be another Ouija Board that could bring bad things to people who use them. Others who are not afraid of them, believed the messages to be just contrived or accidentally formed by the word bits - sort of an audio pareidolia effect. Still others believe receiving communication from the dead is of the devil and against God. But, those who have fully worked with these devices can attest, they work. Communications from ghosts as well as spirits can be brought forth through them.

Whatever your beliefs are regarding the latest ghost communication break-throughs, the last six years have proven to be an interesting period of time for ghost communication development. Angels & Ghosts endorses the ghost box and communication using these devices.