Ouija Board & Talking Boards

A look at the Ouija Board and talking board for ghost and spirit communication...

The Ouija Board or “talking board” has fascinated millions since its invention in the 1871. The Ouija Board consists of letters of the alphabet, numbersa and the words, "yes" and "no." A planchette or upside down glass is typically used to point to the letters to spell words, numbers or the yes and no for messages to be conveyed from the spirit world after questions are asked. Some people swear by use of the boards while others, especially some ghost investigators, warn against their use due to purported stories of spirit attacks suffered by some while using an Ouija Board.

Photo of the Original Ouija Board invented in 1871Can the Ouija Board Predict the Future?

Many predictions of future events, as well as life direction, have purportedly been received from talking boards. Some of the most interesting advice received from Ouija Boards, that we have heard about, has been the foretelling of impending doom, winning lottery numbers, as well as direction for major life decisions. But of greater interest to most people would be the idea that we can communicate with the dead – those who have crossed over to the other side of the grave. (Photo is of the original Ouija Board.)

Where Did the Talking Board Get Its Start?
A coffin maker originally invented the talking board, naming it “Oujia” after what he thought was an Egyptian word for “luck.” The invention was purchased by Kennard Novelty Company and later the Oujia Board’s ownership was assumed by William Fuld who marketed it to the masses. Eventually, Parker Brothers purchased the rights to the Oujia Board and still market it today in toy stores around the world. Also, many artisans from various countries and cultures craft unique styles of the talking board and market them on-line.

Tales of the Ouija Board have caused many to fear it. Some believe that evil spirits will come through and harm or even possess the talking board user. Others believe that its usage may invite harmful ghosts to haunt one’s house, or that bad luck may ensue after using the Ouija Board. So what is the Ouija Board story? Our take is that fear is never truth, nor does it have any power beyond what we give it. Can there be such a thing as a haunted Ouija Board? The question is whether or not ghosts and spirits speak to us when using an Ouija Board or are we subconsciously moving the planchette, bringing forth answers that remain hidden deep inside of us? More on this thought in a minute.

How to Work the Ouija Board
So, what is happening with the Ouija Board? Well first, we should explain how a talking board, such as the Ouija Board is used. The talking board typically has letters, numbers and the words, “Yes,” and “No,” printed on its surface. The user then places what is known as a “planchette” or an upside down glass on the board with fingertips on top. Usually, more than one Ouija Board participant is used, with everyone’s fingertips lightly placed on top of the planchette. As questions are asked by the participant(s), the planchette will usually begin to move across the board within five minutes. If the question is a “yes or no-type” question, the planchette or glass will move to either the “yes” or “no” printed on the board, thus giving the answer. If the question requires other words, then the planchette will spell out the answer in letters or numbers. If all participants are honest and not purposely trying to move the planchette, then one must ask, “Where do the answers come from?” Do answers received from the Ouija Board come from the dead? As the Ouija Board box exclaims, “It’s only a game, isn't it?” 

Recommendation: Experienced users of the talking board recommend contacting only those whom you know in the spirit world. Also, many who use Ouija Boards for spirit communication offer some form of prayer as to broadcast and firm up their own thoughts and intent before use of the device. It is especially important to not use talking boards out of fear or as a game.

Ouija Board Messages
We received a letter about this from Charlie Chittendon of the U.K. At the time, “The Ouija Board Diaries” on-line at eBay. For a novel price, one could purchase the diaries and read about Charlie’s story of conducting talking board experiments. Charlie believes that people who have died speak through the Ouija Board. His stories are quite interesting, as they are diary notes of questions and answers received through his talking board. The ranges of people, places and their times of existence here on earth vary and are of interest; but to date, Charlie has been unable to confirm their stories and messages. This leads the reader to wonder, “Are they real?”

If Charlie Chittendon has not received these messages from dead people, then where is all this information coming from? We have two other ideas, and we're not saying either are correct. Maybe Charlie is picking up those who have crossed over from this physical world through death. However, we also wonder if we may indeed be tuning into spirit, and could our deepest parts be acting like an antenna that tunes in and pulls out the information from spirit? What if all of us are connected in one, community spirit. All people being “in” or a “part of” each other; could we, possibly, be receiving truth like a radio receiver from the spirit? Is it possible that when we relax with our fingertips on the planchette of the Ouija Board, that we leave the rational mind behind (which is fixed to this physical realm), and possibly open up to the creative mind which seems attached to the invisible, spirit realm? And if so, could our fingertips and mind be working together, subconsciously, to move the planchette to spell out truths that are hidden deep inside, revelations known within spirit? Another idea would be that perhaps the Ouija Board acts as a mirror of what lies within us. Maybe the Ouija Board allows us to see and hear what we want to see. If we are filled with fear, then we will receive messages of fear. If we are looking for truth, we may just receive messages of truth – all of this, of course, still coming from within our very essence.

This is the mystery of the talking board, and ultimately, what intrigues us about it. Whatever the truth may be, talking boards are definitely interesting.

Must see...
Before using a talking board, we recommend watching the Ouija Board Video.