Psychic Stories: Haunted Ouija Board

An Ouija board purchased in 1998 by Abner Williams showed signs of strong Spirit activity as early as April 2000. The board had been loaned to an underground vampire/goth cult in El Paso off and on from around July 1999-March 2000. Abner kept no written records of the activities, but recollects that the phenomena started around October with noises like scratching and nibbling, then knockings, rappings, poundings, bells and tones, and growls.

On one occasion Mr. Williams' neighbor Leigh Fletcher heard loud noises which she described as a "heavy metal band rehearsing" with screams, loud pounding, and musician notes. Items began disappearing and then reappearing where he had already searched. Then began actual audio contact, with a man speaking to Mr. Williams while in bed, and children at his window singing nursery rhymes. At the same time, the board itself began moving, setting itself up, and even reappeared by the house when Mr. Williams attempted to throw it in the trash.

On June 31, Mr. Williams requested an investigation to be started by SWP investigator Kimberly Schmidt. She found blood on the front of the board in two large thick spots. She also took around 30 photographs, two of which showed ectoplasm mists rising off the board. The board showed cold spots which were random. During the investigation, it is believed that Ms. Schmidt was overshadowed by a powerful malicious entity. She began to feel very poorly with severe headache and weakness. Mr. Williams states that he began to see an older crone-like image being superimposed over Ms. Schmidt, the phenomena became stronger and stronger, until it seemed another woman was in the room with him, this frightened Mr. Williams, and he asked the investigation to be stopped.

The next day he handed the board and a few other items to member Don K. While in Mr. Ks possession, he experienced a large hooded figure standing over his bed, night noises, and possibly an audio contact of a growling entity with Mr. K's son. On July 8, Stefan Markus, Jason Sanchez, and Carol and Charles Sanders also conducted some tests on the board. It was found that not only is there two spots of blood on the front of the board, but the back of the board is almost entirely covered in blood, some in thicker streaks. Two samples were taken for analysis (pending). There were also minute drops of blood on the outside of the box. More photographs were taken, one showing orb activity. No temperature variance was noted. SWP psychic Leola Anne conducted a spirit contact, and found a strong male entity who called himself at one point Bertram and at another point Mitchell B. The entity stated it wanted contact, wanted to communicate with other living beings, and also wanted blood. A weaker entity, female, unnamed, came through. She seemed very negative in nature and got pleasure from pinching Carol Sanders, who was present, but not active in the spirit contact.

Note about the photo up top: Photograph of spirit activity emanating from the surface of the haunted ouija board.

(Story and photo used with permission of the Southwest Paranormal Investigators &