Psychic Predictions: 2008-2015

Psychic PredictionsTake a look at psychic predictions. See if some of them came true...

Psychic predictions of future events have been sought and heeded by many since mankind existed, it seems. And, today is no different. If you are searching for psychic predictions, we have been collecting prognostications from psychics across the Internet for 9 years. Prognosis is available from 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 below.

A 'psychic' (from the Greek psychikos, meaning mental, or of the mind) is able to behold knowledge of events in advance of them occurring or be made aware of information without being told.

Some of the earliest forms of psychic predictions are crystal ball gazing, numerology, astrology and palm reading. Leaders in the ancient world often relied heavily upon the predictions made by psychics, using their advice and counsel to make important decisions with regard to governance or military directives.

Psychic Predictions: Dates and Times

The premise behind a prediction is that there has to be a date when it is made. After that, we wait while we look for the time when it may come to pass. Above are pages of predictions from past years for your analysis. We have not gone back through to see what has occurred and what has not. We do know, however, that some of the predictions have indeed come to pass. But with every psychic, no matter how incredible the ability, none seem to be 100% accurate.

It is always interesting to see what various psychics predict as far as events to occur each calendar year. You'll notice that the predictions will vary greatly, from psychic to psychic, with some even in disagreement.

Yet, psychic insights can provide interesting confirmation to feelings one may feel within their inner being about life direction or future events - ESP, yes? What do you feel deep within you? Many do not know, until something brings a gentle reminder of what is hidden within; and this can occur often while reading or listening to psychic predictions of future events. So, have some fun, lighten up and explore...