2013 Psychic Predictions

Various psychic predictions made for the year 2013.

Each year, we bring a list of psychic predictions made by different psychics from around the world for your enjoyment. Below are forecasts that may effect the world, Hollywood, financial institutions, peace and more. Take a look see and stop back some time in 2013 to see if any of them came true!

Psychic Medium Alizon predicts some generalities we can expect for 2013. Will they come to pass?
* World events will include troubles in politics, growing environmental issues, economic woes, more natural disasters, food shortage and fighting between countries – this seems inevitable.
* Gold, silver and platinum will all rise in value over 2013.
Source: Alizons-psychic-secrets.com

A couple of prognostications concerning spirituality for 2013 from Australia's Vine Medium:
* More people will seek to know who they are and why they exist, spiritually speaking.
* Times of crises will occur but will lead to hidden blessings, both worldwide and within people.
Source: Vinemedium.au

Psychic Nikki predicts the future for 2013
* In Toronto, the CN Tower will collapse or have a fire or explosion
* Trouble in the Middle East will escalate – troubles with Syria and Turkey; Israel and Iran; North and South Korea.
* Turtles on a plane will disrupt a flight this year.
* Huge earthquake in the Caribbean, Russia and Seattle, Washington. More “Franken-storms,” large story storm systems. No end of the world.
* Danger still surrounds Obama.
* Stock markets will close for one week, worldwide.
* A horse killing disease will emerge.
* A terrorist attack at the Empire State Building, London, Toronto and Washington DC will occur this year.
* Boston will be buried under 25 feet of snow.
* Fish and sea life evaporating in 2013, meaning that prehistoric type seep sea creatures disappearing.
* An earthquake will hit the Great Lakes region.
* A tragedy at a zoo in Germany.
* The Bunny Ranch in Nevada will burn down.
* Major UFO landings will happen this year, too, possibly a spaceship, being revealed to the masses.
* Tori Spelling will split from her hubby.
* Justin Bieber will marry this year.
* Ben Affleck will split from Jennifer Garner.
* Arnold Schwarzeneger will have another sex scandal.
* England's royal throne could be taken over in the next few years.
* A car accident will happen concerning the royal family of Monaco.
Source: 680news.com

2013 Predictions on The Morning Show from Psychic Mitchell Coombes
* Hottest days on record for Australia this summer.
* Be very careful of your stocks in March and April.
* Prince Charles will be bypassed for the throne for Prince William.
* Prince Harry will find a mysterious but steady woman this year.
* Brad and Angelina will marry and adopt another child.
Source: Au.tv.yahoo.com

Some of the more interesting predictions coming out of the UK for the year 2013:
* First two months of 2013, Iran will suffer a military strike from neighbor, Israel, in a plan to eliminate Iran's nuclear capability.
* China will move steps closer to democracy.
* Google will come under attack by cyber terrorists.
* Continued financial woes around the globe this year, but more people will turn to becoming spiritual.
* The Duke of Edinburgh could die this year.
* American Idol's Simon Cowell will leave personal gain behind and seek a more spiritual life.
* A landslide will hit the English coast in 2013.
* Unemployment, job issues and racism will breed riots in Eastern Europe.
Source: Psychics.co.uk