Psychic Predictions 2014

2014 Psychic PredictionsWhat does 2014 hold in store for the world? We culled some psychics to find out their opinions...

For this new year, it would seem that there are a lot of negative stories and situations predicted to happen, effectively making 2014 sound like an imminent time of "doom and gloom." Although we have listed some of them, below, our feeling is that we should have a different outlook. Maybe, our disposition for the future, 2014 especially, should remain positive and steadfast. We just may learn, some day, that we create our paths, our experiences. And if that ever be the case, wouldn't it be nice to know we had a say in the matter, perhaps, implying, "It's ALL good?"

Judy Hevenly's Prognostications for 2014

  • Social media site Pinterest will be bought by a big Internet corporation.
  • The homeless will be helped by new laws in the USA.
  • First female cardinal will be appointed by the Pope to the Vatican.
  • Hilary Clinton runs for President.
  • Queen Elizabeth will no longer reign after 2014.


A Warning About the Earth's Polar Ice Caps from Australia's Vine Medium:

  • The polar caps of our earth are in trouble. The time for change is now - there is not time to continue debating this issue of global warming. If we do not change globally, a climate disaster will befall our children.

"When the arctic ice melts, we are no longer going to have harmonic protection."


Consider These Psychic Nikki Predictions for 2014:

  • The Empire State building in New York City will tip this year.
  • Part of the Coliseum in Rome will collapse in 2014.
  • Another hurricane hits the United States and earthquakes will rumble the West.
  • Terrorist attack will hit New York City again.
  • Earthquakes will also occur in Japan, the Caribbean.
  • North Korea will attack South Korea in 2014.
  • Lupus will be cured.
  • Mt. St. Helens will erupt in 2014.
  • Civil War and unrest in the U.S. will arise this year.


Some World Predictions by the Psychic Twins for 2014

  • The year of the truth revealed. Things that are hidden within governments and corporations will be made visible.
  • A quickening of psychic consciousness.
  • There will be a rise in psychic dreams and precognitive dreams.


A Few Predictions for Consideration in 2014:

  • Pope Francis will embark upon inspiring people to aid those who need mental healing.
  • In Greenland, a discovery of ancient ruins will be announce.
  • The United States will see a chemical factory explosion in 2014, New Orkeans flooded and a mass shooting in Kansas City.
  • Mexico City will have a large, tragic fire that destroys a part of the city and its destitute.
  • The World Cup soccer games will be disrupted by protestors over world hunger.
  • Australia has an incredible fire in the outback.
  • The Dalai Lama will fall ill but plans to reincarnate as a Western in his next life.