Using Psychic Ability to Connect with the Dead

Dearly Departed: Using Your Psychic Radar to Connect with the Dead

by Carole Richardson

It’s always sad when someone dies, and nothing can bring them back. At the same time, some believe that they can connect with the dead. Do you have this ability? Some say that all individuals have this ability. The trick is to tease it out of the soul and strengthen it. Here’s how.

A Heaviness In The Room

Sometimes, a heaviness in the room may indicate that you're not alone. If you’ve ever wondered about strange feelings you have when you’re visiting an old house, or you step into a long-deceased loved one’s room, don’t. It's probably nothing more than their spirit passing through - and you felt it.

Using Psychic Ability to Connect with the DeadA Slight Change In Temperature

If you notice the room getting colder, or even warmer, or if you notice a "buzz" in the air, these are all common signs that you're not alone. Psychic specialists often describe the feeling as a cool gust of air, or an unusual breeze when there should be none.

Of course, check the thermostat before you believe you've just made contact - you're looking for the unusual and unexplained here.


Anxiety can also sometimes mean that there's a spirit close by. Why? When energy is added to a particular space, it's probably a spirit trying to reach out to you. To communicate with you, the spirit needs to raise your energy level to the point where you’re on the same "wavelength" as they are - even vibrating.

This might feel like a sudden rush of adrenaline. You might experience a sudden panic attack. Don't freak out. You might be tempted to have a stiff drink to settle down. What you should be doing is investigating your psychic potential.


If you feel your heart "rising" or "dropping," this can be a sign that you're encountering a spirit. Think of it like going on a roller coaster. You're in a space and suddenly, you drop, but your stomach feels like it's coming up into your throat. Some people feel the opposite - they feel their stomach sink.


If you see flashes of light, or actual visions, this is a good sign. It means you're able to visually connect with the other side. Some people see a full--on vision, a translucent figure of a loved one, while others see images in objects, like photographs.


If you feel someone touching you, maybe a gentle touch, but when you turned around no one was there, this is a sign that you were touched by a spirit.


Maybe you've only seen or felt the presence of a spirit once or twice in your life, but you want to develop the ability to do so all of the time, or even on command. You'll have to learn how to relax, cull up thoughts about your past, relive moments of your past, and meditate.

Meditation is a big part of connecting with the other side. It requires a sense of mind, a balance of thoughts and emotions, and most of all, practice. So, keep trying. You'll eventually get it.

About the Author
Carole Richardson has worked at The Circle for two years as the In-house editor on anything Esoteric. She specializes in research and providing daily news coverage for the company.