2008 Psychic Predictions

The following are some psychic predictions collected by Angels & Ghosts for 2008 by various psychics and intuitives.

Comparing 2008 psychic predictions with one another and one's own inner feelings is interesting. What on this page speaks to you? Do any of these psychic predictions seem familiar to you?

(Editor's note: Our first year of posting these began with links to other websites for reference. However, we ran into the issue of psychics pulling down their list of predictions in many cases; therefore, the pages we referenced from other sources "disappeared." So, in 2009, we began posting the psychic prognostications on our own website to maintain them. For 2008, the following predictions were saved from utter destruction!)

* An earthquake will hit northern California in Spring.
* Osama Bin Laden will end jihad.
* The mothman will be spotted in Pennsylvania.
* Food prices will rise.
* A UFO will be shot down.
* Black triangle UFOs will turn out to be new US stealth fighters.