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Are psychics and associated phenomena real? Watch videos of psychic occurrences that may shed light. Clips include scenes from seances, table tipping and more.

Videos of psychic phenomena are posted for your exploration. We find them intriguing as well as enlightening.

Glass Divination

Glass Divination

Psychic video showing the divination technique of using a glass to make contact with ghosts and spirits.
Tarot Card Reading Video

Tarot Card Reading

Psychic video shows how a tarot card reading takes place, explaining the use of tarot cards as a divining technique.
Psychic Spirit Power Video

Psychic Spirit Power

Is this video proof of the hidden spirit or psychic power each of has within us? This is an amazing documentary of a...
Psychic Video of Seance, Orbs, Levitation & More!

Psychic Video: Seance

Video compilation of Victorian era psychic photos from the turn of the century (late 1800s - early 1900s) when...
Psychic Circle - Orbs

Psychic Circle Orbs

A psychic teaching class, filmed in the dark, shows orb activity through use of an Infrared video camera capturing...
Table Tilting Video

Table Tilting Video

Ghost Search UK performed a table tilting exercise at Lympne Castle in the United Kingdom prior to the historic...
Table Tipping Video

Table Tipping Video

This video shows a psychic-type seance with spirits using a method of spirit contact called table tilting. If...
Psychic Table Video

Psychic Table Video

Ouija Board Mysteries author, Bob Hickman, attempts to make contact with the ghost or spirit of who he calls, "Ian."...

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