Psychic Stories: The Life of a Medium

My name is Janet and this is just a small part of my story. Let's start from the beginning of THIS STORY. Yes, I say THIS STORY, because I have experienced the paranormal since the age of 4. But, that is another story altogether. Let's talk about this story.

The year is 2004; the location is Orland, California. We had just moved from Salinas, California to Orland. The very first night at my new home, my husband and I were sleeping in the front room due to the fact that we had not moved in all of our furniture. It was just my husband and I in the house. We had a long hard day because of the move, and he instantly fell into a deep sleep. I laid next to him but was still awake.

Then it occurred. Something that I had not expected to happen, but it did. I heard a heart wrenching wailing cry of a woman. It sounded like she was inside the house. I got up immediately and tried to wake up my husband, but he would not wake up. I then proceeded to search the house to see if there was anyone in the home. Then I went outside to see if the crying was coming from outside. I had came to the conclusion that the sound did not come from outside, that it was definitely coming from the inside of my new home. As I came back in, the crying just stopped. When the crying ceased, I attempted again to wake up my husband, and he woke up instantly. That is when the fun began. I came to the realization that my house was truly haunted. (Photo: Do you see a face in the window?)

After this occurrence, the activity in the house had stopped for two months, well so I thought. The reason why I say this, is because sometimes cupboards were open, I knew I didn't open them. Objects in the house would wind up missing and then reappear again and the animals (my dogs and cats) would seem to be aware of a presence. On my birthday, I received a voice recorder. Since I was a spiritual person, I wanted to see if I could pick up family voices of family members that passed on. Little did I know that it wasn't my family member's voices that I would be picking up on my recorder. I would record at night, when my family was asleep. In the morning when I played the recorder from the previous night, there was this ominous EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon), that caused the hair on the back of my neck to stand up on end.

After I realized that I was getting EVPs, I became addicted to the practice of EVP work. I would get EVPs every night that I recorded. Then the hauntings became physical. I knew that we had more than one ghost, because there were various voices on the recordings. I felt the presence of a male, female and a child spirit in the home and the recorder backed up my hunch. My daughter started receiving scratches on her body (see photo, inset). My daughter would also be tripped and pushed around by the entities. Then to my horror, the entities would take control of my daughter's body.

When the more serious incidents occurred, I became aware that I needed help. I sought the help of the Catholic Church, even though I am not Catholic. I had the house blessed by a priest. When the house was blessed is when the attacks started occurring more on a frequent basis and became more severe. I saw the shift of a benevolent haunting to more of a malevolent haunting. When the attacks began, is when I became confrontational with the entities. The verbal confrontation I had with the entities was that of anger, yelling and even cursing. When my anger subsided, I took more of a spiritual approach, asking for assistance from a higher power. Then I would again become angry and confronted the entities and told them that they would take me on and deal with me, because I felt I could handle them and leave my daughter alone. (More ghost scratches on body seen in the photo...)

The attacks went on for several months. Finally we had enough and my family and I decided to leave this home and leave the town altogether. I had no inkling of an idea that the entities would actually follow us! Since then we have moved to two different cities and are still experiencing the hauntings. I was frightened and confrontational with the entities for a very long time. I sought out guidance through studying various books, spiritual classes and educating myself on hauntings. I enhanced my abilities as a medium. I always knew I was gifted and started using my abilities to form a communication with the entities. I delved towards co-habiting with the entities. This is when the malevolence of the hauntings started to subside. This is by no means the end or the beginning of my story. I felt that this is a good place to start. Just because you are experiencing a haunting, doesn't mean you have to be a victim to it. There are ways to empower yourself. I know I did. If I can overcome it, I know anyone else can.