A Strange Gift: Psychic Experiences

This psychic experiences story was sent to us by Becky C. of NSW, Australia.

We thought Becky's account to be something interesting that all of us can take note of - think back to when you were younger. What unexplainable events or experiences do you recall? Did you witness or were you a part of something greater than what your eyes could see, greater than what your mind might have been telling you was possible? If so, have you forgotten about them even though, at the time, they seemed so real? Could we be more impressionable, more in-tune with spirit and spirits when we are younger and less inhibited by what we later are taught to be real? Take some time to consider your life and events that may have occurred that were extraordinary - paranormal.

I won't lie, I'm psychic. I can see and hear spirits, voices, see orbs, and many more things that are too complicated to explain.

A recent move in homes saw us in a place with a creepy man in the bathroom. Every time I am in there I see a man slip while coming out of the shower, crack his head open on the tap, hit is head on the base of the medicine cabinet, crack his head on the hand-basin and fall dead to the ground. The more I see it, the more gory it is. Blood and Brains I refer to it as.

I remember my first psychic experience as though it were yesterday. It was back in 1996 when I was 2 going on 3. I was talking to my already deceased grandmother who died tragically of cancer in 1992. She told me about a Holden, and until I told my dad about that, he didn't believe that I was talking to her.

Many psychic experiences have occurred since then, too many to list, but are a few:

My dog, Thunder died in 2004. I was sitting near the clothesline and I looked towards where my other dog was looking, and there was something that looked like Thunder. It was the same size, same pattern on the eyes. I called his name, "Thunder." Then, he looked straight at me as if he was alive again.

I keep getting these other strange visions, I can't remember how long it's been. Now that I'm 13, I still get these strange images. The images are of the "Unsinkable" Titanic going down in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Could I have been on the "Unsinkable" Titanic when it went down?