What is Channeling?

What happens during a channeling session and what are the results and purpose?

What is Channeling?When people are seeking spiritual information, and they do not feel they can communicate with spirit from within their own being, they often will seek out a medium or "channel" to connect with ghosts and spirits from the unseen realms

Traditional channeling, which some call "trance channeling," is contact between a human being on earth and a person or "entity" from the spirit world. Information is then communicated through the human being called a "channel" from a higher level of consciousness. In essence, the entity and the mind of the channel connect and is allowed to speak through the psychic medium. The entity then may offers counsel to the person seeking information or answer questions.

What Happens During a Channeling Session? 
The channel may sit before the one seeking information or even a large audience. First, taking a few deep breaths or meditating, the channel attempts to enter into a semi-conscious state called a "trance." In this neutral state of consciousness, the channel’s mind is now open to his or her "spirit guide." The spirit guide acts like a keeper of the door and will help facilitate the connection with the ghost or spirit being sought. As protector, the spirit guide may allow the channeling to take place, overseeing it to either help bridge gaps in the spirit communication or deciding if it is necessary to break the connection between the entity and channel.

Channeling: Ghosts or Spirits Use of the Body?
During the channeling session, typically, the channel becomes a different personality, as he or she becomes tuned into the spirit guide's frequency and allows the ghost or spirit to come forth, temporarily gaining use over the psychic medium's body. The entity now speaks through the human channel, who becomes its physical vehicle for communicating to the listeners. The spirit often carries on a dialogue with the audience, such as answering questions on a variety of subjects.

What are the Results of Channeling?
Channels, as well as those who listen to their messages, often feel they must change their lives to follow the advice received from the entitoes, especially, if the advice seems "enlightened" or wise. Channeling may provide insight into the greater picture of life if we are able to learn from those who are around us, with us, but remain invisible. Humanity, it would seem, is far greater than what our eyes can see.

Many of us have asked the questions, "What happens when we die? Are we truly lifeless and dead, or do our lives continue on in spirit?" If our lives continue on, and there is much evidence that our lives exist beyond physical bodies, is it then possible for us to communicate with those who have "crossed over" to the other side? Can we contact dead friends, relatives and even famous people from throughout history? Channeling provides just one method that people have used to break through to the voices that are already speaking to us.

Most civilizations have some form of belief in an afterlife. And, with all of our scientific technology, the idea of communication with the dead is popular still today. Deep down, each of us are seeking to understand who we are and where we have come from - some of life's greatest questions. Could others, in spirit, possibly hold the very answers we seek?

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