What Is a Crystal Ball?

What is a Crystal Ball?How is a crystal ball used to receive spirit messages?

A true crystal ball is a globe crafted from a gemstone, such as quartz crystal, and not glass. Crystal balls are a perfect geometric shape, thought to allow energy to radiate in all directions. Many seers who use crystal balls prefer them to be within the center of a room so everyone can participate in the energy or spirit communication.

Crystal balls are thought to garner different effects dependent upon the type of gemstone it has been made from - types of gemstones range from lapis lazuli, rose quartz, clear quartz, amethyst, obsidian, calcite, ruby thucite, red jasper and more. Each seer has their own preference.

How to Use a Crystal Ball
Crystal balls are sometimes held during meditation to amplify or receive energy during meditation. Another popular use is to gaze into the crystal ball (usally a more transparent crystal (quartz) when on a black or solid-colored table cloth. This is known as crystal ball "gazing," a form of "scrying." (Scrying can best be defined as looking into something in order to see or divine messages, especially through receiving spiritual visions during the gazing process.)

Crystal balls, we should note, are just one form of scrying - some seers look into water or mirrors to reach a similar place of visions. We have also met people who take photographs of crystals, old mirrors or moving water in order to capture the faces of ghosts and spirits.

The person typically holds the ball close, and looks into the center of the ball, noticing the patterns. By allowing the patterns seen within the crystal to blend together, the seer can be taken deeper into a trance-like state to see visions that may be interpreted as guiding messages. The idea is to disconnect from the phyiscal world and tune-in to something greater within the reader. The practice of crystal ball gazing takes time to learn, meaning practice, as it is an ancient art.