Ghost Cussing EVPs

EVP of Ghosts Cussing and SwearingWhen collecting ghost voices through EVP methods, including the ghost box, sometimes, audio of ghosts cussing or swearing at investigators will be recorded.

Can ghosts cuss? Yes!

What makes these types of particular recordings unique and important is that this proves radio station snippets are not the source of true ghost messages. Of course, we can never rule out someone on a CB, but when the message recorded is relevant to the questions or haunted location, this effectively reduces the odds that someone on a radio has compromised the recording.

Canton Ohio Apartment Haunting

Listen to Ghost Cussing EVPStop That Music EVP

This ghost EVP does not have cussing in it, but it helps to present some additional evidence that the ghost we were dealing with was aggravated by our investigation (listen to the subsequent EVP recorded during the same session). In this ghost box audio recording, you will hear the ghost box prototype playing music instead of sweeping the FM band. This is particularly important because the message from the male ghost gets wrapped up in the song that is being played (Man in the Box by Alice in Chains). You will hear Louis Charles say, "How am I getting a rock station?" and then, the ghost message bursts forth, utilizing the music to warp the words, "Stop that music!" We believe the energy of the ghost, being so strong, interfered with the ghost box's ability to function properly (other electronics in the house were also behaving strangely).

Listen to Ghost Cussing EVPLeave Son of a Bitch, Leave!

The male ghost is angry with our investigation team and tries to get us to leave. He is speaking specifically to Louis Charles while he was trying to communicate with the man.

Ghost Box Experiment

Listen to Ghost Cussing EVPF-Bomb Cuss Word EVP

This ghost box session had a cuss word slip out while testing a PSB-7 spirit box for the first time. A group of us were simply trying to see if we could receive any communications from ghosts while in the basement of a historic (and supposedly haunted) building. Louis Charles asks if whoever was there could say the word, "test." The response was "fu--." Then, the group laughs after hearing the swear word.

Needless to say, the F-word coming from the sweeping radio caught us all by surprise! The use of the word was great confirmation, being vulgar enough that you would never hear it spoken on a radio station.