Ghost Box Audio

Ghost Box AudioWe built a prototype of our own version of ghost box. These are audio recordings from the device that was dubbed the "Spirit Box."

Our ghost box was built by a toy model builder per our specs back in 2008. After receiving it back, we found it worked wonderfully well. We had dubbed the ghost box as the "spirit box." It worked by scanning (not sweeping) the FM band, jumping to strong signals and producing much more clear audio messages from ghosts and spirits. Our testing has shown that ghosts and spirits could easily manipulate the ghost box audio to form relevant messages that were both audible and clear.

The following is a 2008 radio interview of Louis Charles being interviewed on the radio program, "Let's Talk Ghosts," where he shares some of the audio recordings from our spirit box experiments, answers questions, and tells the stories:

Listen to Ghost Box Audio5-1-08 Let's Talk Ghosts Radio Interview with the Spirit Box Prototype

 We thought it easier to post the radio interview where the recordings can be heard and explained. It is better to know the background of the location and what occurred while the recording was made, as well as learn about the Spirit Box further.

Ghost Box Audio - How the Spirit Box Worked
The goal in creating our Spirit Box was to create a ghost box with just enough bells and whistles to make it functional but not too many settings as to make it difficult for the novice to operate. Secondly, we wanted to build-in a speaker so it could be heard live and easily be recorded by setting an audio recorder beside it. Many of the set-ups we experimented with, prior, utilized amplified speakers which seemed to give the audio from some of the ghost boxes a "hiss."

Our "want list" didn't stop there. We also desired for our ghost box to be able to work in many regions throughout the country that had FM signal, so we made sure the band width could be adjusted. (We tested it in Ohio and Florida but not out West.) That way, the communicator would constantly produce raw audio fragments with no breaks. Also, we needed to be able to adjust the speed of the scan. This feature allowed us to scan the band at a faster rate so we received more bits and pieces of audio (rather than full words of disc jockeys or bars from song, etc.). Feeling we met the challenge, our Spirit Box was easy to operate and record - a fantastic prototype that would never make it to production as originally intended.

Using the Spirit Box at Haunted Locations
Next, we wanted to compare audio recorded within a "non-haunted" environment with haunted environments, so we tested the Spirit Box within locations and homes that were deemed by others as "non-active." We had no problem picking up relevant messages which we perceive were from spirit beings, though the frequency of the messages were not as prominent as messages received by ghosts at haunted spots. We continued our experiments using our prototype within actively haunted locations, such as an apartment where apparitions were seen by children; a haunted pub where a high level of activity was reported; and a haunted lighthouse with a ghostly history.

St. Augustine Lighthouse where we recorded ghost box audio...What we observed was that the ghost box became highly active - with messages coming through at a rapid pace if the location had a high amount of ghost activity. Short ghost box recording sessions at several of the locations produced over 20 messages in such a quick time. Sometimes, communication with the other side could be heard "live" with an estimated 30-40% of the messages audible to our experimenters. Yet, sometimes, we felt we were getting nothing through the device - only later to find that our audio recording of the sessions would have a gem of a message or two!

Ghost Box Tip:
It is important to note that all ghost box sessions should be recorded, and the operators of these devices should be patient. The more we worked with our Spirit Box, the more reliable it became (and the better we became at hearing the messages within the recorded audio).

Ghost Box How-to Videos
We made a series of simple how-to videos and posted them to YouTube so people could easily see how our original spirit box prototype worked. Then, we thought it may be of help to some if we showed how we record the audio, upload it to a computer and then analyze and edit the recordings. Watch all 4 videos, here: The Spirit Box How-To Videos.