How the Ghost Box Works

Understanding how the ghost box functions, especially with regard to the sweep, audio fragments and white noise...

Most of the ghost box models we have created or tested are altered to sweep either the FM or AM radio band - many offer the option to use one band or the other. As the channels are swept through, either upward or downward, a mix of white noise and audio fragments can be audibly heard. These audio fragments may best be described as bits and pieces of disc jockey voices, music, or whatever is being broadcasted across the band at the time the radio sweep is made. The sound a ghost box produces is similar to using the tuner knob on a vintage car radio to quickly pass over the stations, by hand.

Ghost Box: White Noise & Audio FragmentsWith the ghost box radio sweep method, the spirit or ghost voices seem to be carried upon these audio fragments and white noise, the audio mish-mash acting similarly to carrier waves (carrier signals) used to bring forth radio communications. We believe these audio fragments sometimes not only alter the tone and overall pitch of the spirit voice recorded but also may affect the pace of the message by causing it line-up, in sync with the speed of the changing radio frequencies. While making ghost box recordings, our own voices, recorded while asking questions, are sometimes altered in pitch and pace, making our normal, human vocalizations sound choppy and manipulated. For this reason, we do not believe that ghosts and spirits actually manipulate the audio fragments into forming words to create a message for us to hear. Many subscribe to this theory, but we believe this to be incorrect. Our experiments seem to indicate that the spirit voices we recorded are affected by the frequency changes of the audio which is used as a carrier of the spirit voices. Hence, the ghost and spirit voices typically tend to be held captive to the speed, rhythm and pitch changes of the audio being generated.

However, there have been times when we have also recorded spirit voices that were not affected, whatsover, by the audio fragments and white noise; the pitch and tone were left unaltered by the sweeping ghost box. These messages seemed very much "on top" of the audio frags and white noise but not affected in tonality, though they were syncopated in rythm, possibly caused by the frequency changes of the ghost box. These spirit voice recordings sounded much like EVP - Electronic Voice Phenomenon, and were quite lengthy, appearing as the same voice in different recordings.

Altering the Voices of Ghosts?
Sometimes the voices heard through the ghost box are altered by the sweep itself; but not always. This is why we cannot always know for sure whether we have recorded a male or female person on the other side of the grave by voice pitch alone. We must rely more upon the information provided by ghosts or spirits themselves.

We should also mention that the function of the ghost box, especially how well it works for bringing forth ghost voices, seems to be directly affected by the strength of radio signals in the area where it is being used. Poor signal quality reduces the amount of radio fragments and may limit the ability for spirits and ghosts to make contact through the device. Perhaps there is not enough audio bits to be manipulated successfully for real-time communication. In low signal areas, enhancing the antenna on the ghost box can improve results for the researcher.