TV Shows and the Ghost Box

Ghost Adventures: Spirit Box, Chris Fleming and Zach BagginsIf you've watched any paranormal televisions shows, you might have noticed ghost investigators using a radio-type device to communicate with ghosts and spirits. They call this device either a "ghost box" or "spirit box." For example, on Ghost Adventures, the PSB7 spirit box has been used to help record the voices of ghosts on an audio recorder. On Haunted Collector, John Zaffis' team uses a white ghost box to talk with ghosts. In one episode, we hear someone who keeps asking for John by name, over and over, through the device. For those who might wonder, we will answer these questions: What are these ghost box devices used on TV programs, and how do they work?

Haunted Collector: Radio Shack Hack Ghost BoxGhost Adventures and the Haunted Collector
The Ghost Adventures' ghost box, or spirit box, is a model on the market that works really well. The downside to it is that you must use a decent amplified speaker because the built-in speaker is weak and not amplified, making it almost inaudible.

This model of ghost box, like most of them, works by sweeping either the AM or FM radio bands and comes with nifty speed adjustment. By sweeping through the radio frequencies in succession (as opposed to jumping about via scan), the spirit box produces white noise and audio fragments. But more importantly, it somehow carries forth the voices of ghosts and spirits, as well. Skeptics, as well as many purist ghost investigators, believe it to be bogus. But our experiments with the ghost box have shown that most all of them can bring forth incredible messages that cannot be easily debunked. And the same is true with the white ghost box used on the television show, Haunted Collector (seen in the photo, here). It is an old Radio Shack 12-469 that has been altered to sweep the band. The downside to this model is that it, too, requires an external speaker; but worse, it also has a bad “tick” sound that occurs during the band sweep. Still, it brings forth the voices of ghosts and spirits. (Our ghost box of choice is offered in our store and has a built-in, amplified speaker. It sweeps the band at the perfect speed for bringing forth ghost EVP.)

The Ghost Box on TV: Our Conclusion
We are certainly glad to see some of the TV ghost shows now using the ghost box. Since 2007, we have been receiving fantastic results with different models of ghost boxes but have struggled to convince other paranormal investigators that they, too, can really learn how to use the device to speak with ghosts and spirits. Many big name ghost investigators have not moved beyond their skepticism no matter how compelling the evidence recorded when using the ghost box on investigations. Using the device is something that requires patience and practice. Once proficient, anyone can bring forth incredible messages from beyond.

Photo Up Top: Chris Fleming and Zac Baggins of Ghost Adventures use the PSB7 spirit box on TV.