Ghost Box Audio Recordings

Ghost Box Audio RecordingsHear audio recordings of voices of spirits from experiments with the ghost box...

The Spirit Messages
The following are audio examples of spirit communication - messages and the explanations behind the mysterious recordings we made while using experimental ghost boxes. These were initial recordings from our late 2007 - early 2008 experiments that we found compelling. By February of 2008, we had built our own scanning prototype of the spirit box that performed differently.

Listen to the ghost box audioJust work on (? 'it' or 'things')
First audio recording we made with the prototype ghost box being built by Angels & Ghosts. Having frustrations with the construction, this recording was made while testing the recording levels. You may need headphones, but after an initial chime sound, the words "Just work on it" are very clear on the 12-469.

Listen to the ghost box audioCan Chuck repeat that?
Second 12-469 (the ticking is natural to this model) audio recorded from the ghost box during experiments. Chuck was asking questions to see if spirits could hear and answer through the ghost box. "Can Chuck repeat that?" was recorded. A headset may be needed. (Very relevant given Louis' nickname is Chuck.)

Listen to the ghost box audioYes...yes...on the level.
Recorded in the 12-469 audio while adjusting the volume level on the ghost box (you can hear the 'ticking' of the 12-469).

Listen to the ghost box audioThe Earth, they need...our word.
This recording is audio from a direct record 12-470 session test with 2 of the sweeping radios plugged directly into a mixer. It begins at about 2 seconds in. There were no speakers and it seems to be a female voice imprinted over top of the raw audio, speaking slowly and loudly, "The earth, they need...our word." (Note: Some hear "words" or "work".) We would classify this as an EVP. Notice how the message coincides nicely with the idea of spirit rescue messages.

Listen to the ghost box audioThank you...repeat that?
In the beginning there is a quick "thank you" (male voice) and "thanks" (female voice) in this ghost box audio recording we made with a hacked Radio Shack 12-469 radio and amplified speakers (you can hear the 'ticking' of it). Then, you will hear us say, "Please, say that again." Then, you will hear a very clear, "Thank you."

Listen to the ghost box audioYes...I am...Gino.
This is a very cool question and answer session through our 12-469 ghost box (you can hear the 'ticking' of it). After we ask, "Would you please come forth and speak through the box?" You'll hear the female "Yes," and the male "Yes." We then say, "Yes?" Then you hear the male voice say, "Right." I then say, "Who's there?" and a muffled "I am." We say, "Come again, over - can you repeat that?" Then the male voice says, "I am. I am the one." We then say, "You are? What's your name?" Then the male voice quickly says, "Roger," and then, "Gino" can be heard. What's it mean? Not sure.

More Ghost Box Audio Recordings
We eventually abandoned our 12-469 radio and moved on unto an older 12-470 and tested several set-ups. The following recordings were made with two-sweeping 12-470 radios inputted into a mixer and outputted to amplified speakers:

Listen to the ghost box audioEverything. It's possible...
This is a response to "What can you tell me about spirit rescue?" (The message is heard at about 7 seconds into the recording near the end.)

Listen to the ghost box audioWe missed you. It's very helpful.
Response to "Is spirit rescue the goal?" "We missed's very helpful." (You'll need to listen closely for these words from a feminine sounding voice within the audio noise stressing this point.)

More Ghost Box Audio Recordings
We eventually built our own ghost box prototype that you may see in operation and listen to. It was the best device for two-way communication we tested. 
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About the Ghost Box
Ghost boxes are electronic two-way communication devices made with a sweeping AM or FM tuner producing audio bits along with white noise. The ghost box audio bits and white noise work together, somehow, and seem to be used as a carrier, bringing forth speech from spirits.

Doubting Thomases will initially dispute the communications, believing them to be just radio fragments, until relevant convincing messages are heard that are beyond coincidence. This happens frequently to new ghost box experimenters, making them believers!

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