Can You Catch a Ghost?

Is it possible to catch and contain ghosts? One man believes so...

Can We Catch Ghosts?Catching Ghosts
We might have first heard the idea of catching ghosts from the movie Ghost Busters, where a ghost hunting team uses the power of their Proton Packs to capture and place wayward spirits into some sort of a ghost containment trap. Many believe this to be a far-fetched idea only possible in Hollywood movies, but a man by the name of Robert Bess would disagree.

Mr. Bess has built what he calls a "Parabot Containment Chamber" which is claimed to catch and hold ghosts of any type. It first caused a buzz within the paranormal communities after appearing on a live Ghost Adventures television special that aired in October 2009.

Did Tesla Want to Catch Ghosts and Spirits?
Robert Bess is said to have been experimenting with theories originating from Nikola Tesla and attempting to apply them within ghost investigation since 1982. His first ghost containment chamber was constructed in 2003. Mr. Bess claims to have snagged numerous ghosts with his unique machine which he says can be visibly seen manifesting within the chamber's vortex of electrical energy. Having a degree in Physical Engineering, Mr. Bess also has studied parapsychology course work at Memphis State University.

Mr. Bess theorizes that ghosts are simply electromagnetic fields of energy that appear in our plane, though often undetectable due to cycling at a very low rate.

His Plexiglass ghost containment chamber is 8' by 4' in size, sitting upon a platform of wheels that can be remote controlled to move about a room. To catch a ghost, the electrical monster contains magnetic locks, lasers and what looks to be a Tesla coil used to not only attract but grasp hold of unsuspecting entities.

Robert Bess' Parabot was featured on an episode of the TV show - a Ghost Adventures live investigation special. Unfortunately, there was some controversy surrounding the event. Watch the following two videos and see for yourself! Apparently, the television show questioned Mr. Bess with regard to faking evidence during the investigation. We've included multiple videos so you can come to your own conclusion.

Needless to say we are disappointed, especially wanting to know more about Nikola Tesla and if he had ideas about how to catch ghosts.

Robert Bess' Foundation for Paranormal Research (website no longer exists)
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