Can Dogs See Ghosts?

We explore whether or not dogs can see paranormal phenomena, specifically, ghosts.

Can dogs see ghosts? Short answer: yes.

Having examined numerous accounts of individual, paranormal experiences, we have found that many of them include descriptions of pets reacting to ghosts. What compels us to conclude that dogs are able to see people in spirit are the stories of what the human witnesses had seen at the same time. In other words, the reaction of the dogs were substantiated by confirmation of the supernatural.

Can Dogs See Ghosts?How Dogs May React to Ghosts

If you feel a ghost might be in your home, then look for your dog to bark at something invisible to you. When this occurs, it is especially unnerving if the canine is looking into a corner or at a solid wall (as opposed to looking out a window or door). And should your dog begin barking down the stairs to your basement, the hair will likely stand up on the back of your neck.

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Substantiating Dogs Can See Ghosts

One story we received from Tracey Donnelly really seems to have all the confirmation one might need. A dog used for security was behaving oddly, barking at seemingly thin air right in front of him; but the hospital guard with the German Shepherd had no idea why he was having a snit. Surveillance footage, examined later, showed what the officer could not see with his own eyes at the time of the occurrence:

"A bright orb descended from up high near some trees, and came down toward the concrete of the car park. It then proceeded toward the security guard. As it neared, it appeared to manifest as someone walking. The ghost walked up to the guard, and then, stepped to the side of him and continued on past. This is when the dog went crazy. As the entity got closer to the door, the legs could be very clearly seen, walking and then disappearing."

The entity's legs being recorded on the video would confirm the dog's ability to see the unseen, whether it be an unknown energy or human spirit.

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Is Dog Sight Better for Seeing Ghosts?

Dogs see less colors than humans, are somewhat near sighted and less sensitive to shades of gray or changes in brightness. But that is where the disadvantages to human eyesight ends. Evolution might have unwittingly made 'man's best friend' a great ghost detector.

Dogs are better equipped than humankind to distinguish movement and see in lower light conditions - both abilities important to detecting ghosts. And because canine eyesight is more focused toward finding prey and predators, it could be that dogs also developed their heightened awareness to sound and smell for similar reasons; all of these senses allowing dogs to better detect the presence of ghosts.

Interesting Experiment to Try with Dogs and Ghosts

Locate a home with an active haunting where a dog is present and known to react to ghosts. Set-up surveillance cameras and audio recorders (that are motion and sound activated) and see what can be captured as evidence when the homeowners are away and not present in the environment. Do some ghosts attempt to interact with dogs? Are you able to video tape the dog and the ghost interacting with one another?

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