Dog Senses Ghosts

by Gabby

There has been different things that have happened in my home that have led me to believe that there is a spirit or ghost (or something of that nature) in or around my house.

First of all, I always feel as if I am being watched, you know that weird feeling? I usually get chills and goose bumps too, even if it's 90 degrees outside and 70-something inside (like today, I just got a chill about 15 minutes ago and it's the hottest day in Chicago so far -6/7/07). I've seen my dog's breath inside the house when it was summer, about 2 years ago it happened. It happened again outside maybe last year, again, in the summer. And once more it happened in the house, in front of my mother this time (she never believed me before), and she finally saw my dog's breath in front of the TV screen (it was also warm in our house then too - summer).

Last year my dog was in my bedroom on the bed with me, when all of a sudden, he stared up at the corner of the ceiling. I looked up and nothing was there, so I didn't really think anything of it. About a minute or so later, he was still staring at the spot, not paying any attention to me saying his name or pulling his ear. Finally he broke the stare maybe a minute and a half later. This all has to do with my dog by the way, which makes it seem that there is even more of a chance that I have some sort of spirit in or around my house.

The last thing I've noticed with my dog is that he refuses, absolutely refuses, to go down into the basement with me or anyone else. I open the door to the basement and he hangs his head down low and looks at me with sad eyes, of sort. I've even tried getting him to go down the stairs with treats, but that doesn't even work (he eats anything and everything). I've even put the collar and leash on him and tried getting him near the stairs, but he tries to dig into the floor with his nails just so he won't have to go near the stairs. With all of that being said, I am positive something happened in our house and it's just becoming known now.

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