Miranda's Haunted House

from Miranda

The house I grew up in as a child had a ghost.

The typical weird stuff would always happen to my family and me. For instance, cold breezes for no reason, extreme temperature drops in certain areas of the house (even in the summer), feelings of being watched and stared at, items disappearing and reappearing, doors opening and closing, pictures turning around, pets going "insane" or dying mysterious deaths, our names were called and shouted at us, cabinets flew open and pots and pans crashed to the floor.

All of us often experienced one thing in particular that creeped us out the most: when anyone would be in the shower, there would be a sudden "blow" into the right ear as if an invisible entity were standing close beside you, just blowing really hard at the side of your face!

My mother was fortunate enough to be the only person in the house to see our guest. She says he was a tall man dressed in an old fashioned army uniform. I did some research a few years ago and discovered that a Civil War skirmish from the Battle of Westport in 1864 was fought on the property. Many soldiers died there. We also found an old graveyard that verifies this. It is located less than a half mile from our house and contains a mass grave of numerous unidentified soldiers from this same battle.

Needless to say, I have ALWAYS believed in ghosts, and my interest in the paranormal began at a very young age!