Ghastly Man Ghost Story

by Jacob

One night, as I was playing outside after dark with my friend, Abbas, every single one of the street lights in one area of our neighbourhood went out. We checked the situation and found out there wasn't a power outage.

We noticed that there seemed to be chanting coming from the area we were playing in as we walked back. A hobo on the side of the street told us to beware. Ignoring this homeless wino, we moved on. All of a sudden a gray mist appeared. Keeping in mind the hobo, the street lights, the mist and the chanting, we just thought it was all a coincidence. That soon changed.

Now scared, we looked back down the street and there seemed to be some type of old, injured man limping toward us. As he got closer, his figure became more and more ghastly. Suddenly the man disappeared. As we turned around...THE MAN WAS RIGHT THERE. He managed to begin to run after us; however, we ran as fast as we could and went inside my house immediately. That was the last we saw of the ghastly man, thank God.