Coin Spirit Ghost Story

from Bhairvi

(I saw your Angels and Ghosts website and was amazed to see so many stories. I would like to share my story, too. It's a true story. I'm a female from India, and my name is Bhairvi. I'm only 18 and the story which I'm sharing with you is completely true, I swear - but no one is ready to believe it.)

Me and my best friend, Pramita were crazy about spirits. We developed our concentration power and tried to call spirits in coins. Well, this is possible. We can communicate with the spirits by calling them in a coin and making a chart. We used to do this daily and used to talk to different souls.

One day, we called a soul in the coin. His name was Jack. He did come but he never returned...

We used to do this stuff in my room itself. The same night, I went to sleep upstairs in my room alone, because I had a great big fight with my sisters. I laid down on my bed and closed my eyes. I was crying. I felt a hand wiping my tears. When I sat up and opened my eyes, I actually saw Jack. "Oh my god"...I remember that feeling when I saw him. He was not like the spooky ghosts we see in the pictures, but he was like a complete man. He had blue eyes, dark golden hair; he was tall and very fair. He was the most handsome guy I ever met. He wiped my tears and talked to me. I was scared and couldn't speak. Then he told me that he's Jack. I still remember his words...

"Bhairvi, I'm Jack. I was waiting for this day for so long. I love you, I love you so much."

But I couldn't say a word. He tried to come close but I pushed him back and ran downstairs. For three nights, I slept with my sisters. On the fourth day, I found my hair open, and my earrings were missing from my ears. I had some sort of scratches on my body. Then, I felt someone touching my hair and I saw Jack beside me. He didn't make love to me, but he did touch me horribly the other night. He knew everything about me. My problems, my sadness and he shared everything...

He used to come everywhere with me - even shopping. We became great friends. We slept together (just slept nothing else), and talked to each other. The worst thing was that he could touch me anytime, but it was impossible for me to touch him. I know this may sound a bit strange. But it's true.

One day, me and Pramita called our friend (I don't want to write her name). We wanted to call a spirit again. But the spirit didn't come in the coin; Jack entered into the body of my other friend. Actually she belonged to a Rakshas Kul, which means Spirits Can Enter Into Her Body. We Hindus believe that people belong to either Dev Kul or Rakshas Kul. Dev Kul is its opposite. Anyway, me and Pramita actually saw my other friend's eye color changing and even her shirt color. She completely looked like Jack. Jack wanted to take me to his world and wanted me to sleep. But my friend Pramita didn't let me because she understood that Jack wanted to harm me. He tried to make me sleep, but Pramita took my friend away from my home. Then, she went to someone who knew how to take the spirits out of one's body and now she's fine (but, I still never meet her because I'm scared).

Now, she says that Jack doesn't exist in this world anymore...but, I still feel that someone is looking at me...I'm feeling the same right now.