DMV Ghosts Story

by Sandie

In 1981, some friends of mine started a janitorial business. They put bids in to State Offices, and got the contract for the Department of Motor Vehicles building. Being they didn't have any employees at the time, they received the contract. I was working from home, I said I'd work for them until they were able to hire help.

I had heard that the DMV was haunted - the building supposedly sitting upon a Native American burial ground. But, I have no proof of this burial is all hearsay. And so, I started working. I arrived at 5:00 PM and worked until midnight. The second floor to this building was the section I was in charge of. And the fun began... 

Numerous times, pictures would fall off the wall, right when I was standing beside them. Personal desk items, as well as containers of pens/pencils/paperclips would fall over spilling the contents. Lights would turn off, leaving me in either total darkness, or only with the night security ceiling lights (which remained on but were quite dim). The vacuum cleaner I would use, would turn off or on by itself. I would hear footsteps rapping on the linoleum floors. Doors would close.

Now, being a Sensitive, I was use to this type of goings on; but I was getting overwhelmed with the amount of mischievousness from the spirits. I finally told the spirits to please stop with the shenanigans, for if something were to break, I'd be responsible for replacing it. I also told the spirits that I was only there to clean, not to harm any of them. They listened. Most of the activities stopped; or, I knew when they were being silly and having fun with me. That was OK. But some spirits didn't want to leave me alone. And a few other more intense events came my way.

Once, a spirit showed itself to me as a mist. I was cleaning a very large common room, when across it, the janitorial owner came in to talk. This room had very high ceilings, and when we were conversing, a large mist cloud formed high over her. I instinctively knew why it was forming - they thought she was a threat to me. In my mind, I told them to leave her alone, for she was just talking to me. Soon after, the mist faded. The owner did not see it.

I had heard from many of the state employees, that one electronic supply room had lots of activity, and even during the daytime hours, they could hear things fall or rattle or pop in that room. Interesting too, was this room only had one key for the door, and that key was kept by the Supervisor of the Records Department (Why? Because of its contents, or the noted 'activity?') After my little 'talk' with the spirits to stop their activities, inside this room became quite active however. I would hear things crashing, falling down, squeals, scraps and once in a while, cries of human voices. It got to the point, when I had to clean past this room (I was not allowed in there), that I made sure I had the volume to my portable radio - using headphones - on high so as not to hear those sounds. As mentioned, I am used to certain spiritual things, but even those noises unnerved me.

Another time, I needed to retrieve some cleaning items from the ground floor store room. Not liking elevators - due to being claustrophobic - I used the stairs. What a mistake that was! There was a spirit man, living in the stairwell, and he made sure that I knew I was invading his space. He had his face about two inches away from mine, and was beside me all the way down the stairs. And he was very angry with me. I could feel his breath on my face, his body's essence, and his extreme anger. I put my hand up to ward him off, but he just shoved it out of the way. He was so angry! And I was very frightened. Needless to say, I never used that staircase again - ever (To this day, if I have DMV dealings, I will not use the stairway. I'll close my eyes and bare the elevator ride).

I believe the worse thing that happened to me, was the cold wind. The owners had a signal for me, that if I was vacuuming and couldn't hear them and they needed my attention, they would flick the lights three times quickly (The main light switches for all offices would be at the entrance door). One night I was vacuuming a large room that had numerous cubby hole offices. I saw the lights flicker three times, so I hollered out, "Okay" and turned the vacuum off. I walked to the archway of the cubby hole I was cleaning to enter into the main room, and I was literally slammed with a cold wind, that nearly knocked me off my feet. I am a large person, so you can imagine the strength of this wind, to rock me onto my heels. It was the most coldest, strangest wind I have ever experienced. It lasted only about 5 seconds, but I felt like it lasted a thousand years. When the wind stopped, I felt like I had stood in the same spot for numerous centuries. It is a difficult feeling to describe, but when the wind died away, I felt so old, so violated, like I would never feel clean again. I had no energy left, being completely drained. I sat down for a few minutes to gather my wits and my energies, and then continued on sluggishly with my work. This old, unclean feeling stayed with me for a few days before it dissipated. And I took up to six showers a day those few days, to try and feel clean again. My skin felt petrified; my soul felt dead.

The mist, the stairway man, and the wind only came to me once. And I was happy for that, for they really unnerved me, as they were so intense. But, some of the silliness still continued, and that was fine -- for some of the spirits' antics were quite humorous. When janitorial employees were hired, and I quit, my last night there was a little teary. I exited the main office and public rooms, and in the hallway was the electric units room. I turned out the lights to the entire upper section (except for the night security ceiling lights), and when I turned around to close the door, I saw through the huge double glass doors that lead into the main public DMV room -- many spirits were waving goodbye to me. I too, waved goodbye. (I wonder if the new workers had the same experiences I had. For their sakes, I hope not).