Playful Ghost Story

by Lucy G.

I live in an old house, maybe 100 years old. We don't have a basement, as everything below the main floor is pipes and broken bricks and stuff like that.

So, one night I was reading, and was really interested in the book I had begun to read. I felt somebody poke me in the shoulder, and I thought it was my brother. So not looking up, I asked what he wanted, but there was no answer. I looked up, and saw what looked like a white-ish mist, which disappeared almost immediately.

Another time, I had a dream in which a little girl said, "Look, look...there." while pointing down to underneath the house. I woke up, immediately, and couldn't sleep for the rest of the night. I told my parents, so my brother went into the space under our house with a webcam to see what he could find down below. We stayed upstairs to watch him investigate.

As my brother went down there, I was watching the laptop screen on which the webcam was displayed. As I was watching, I swear I saw an orb behind my brother. When he came back up, I told him, and he, being a firm disbeliever in spirits, told me it wasn't there. Ever since, I hear a child's giggles and feel cold spots at the bottom of the stairs, which is right above the spot where I saw the orb.