Old Home Ghost Story

by Chris T.

There was this old building, an old house, in the town I live in...Cheste-le-street, north east of England. One day after school, I and two of my friends decided to have a snoop around in this old house. So my mate opened the kitchen door, and it slammed shut. Then we went upstairs - no sooner had we gone up the stairs, the kitchen door slammed shut (even though it was shut before). We ran downstairs and checked all the rooms to see if we could find anyone. There was nobody there. We went back upstairs and we heard footsteps following us around. It became all too much, and we ran out of the house.

On a later date, we returned to the haunted house.

We went around the house, listening to knocking on the walls and the occasional bang; but the scariest was yet to come. We were standing at the bottom of the stairs when we heard footsteps (like high heels) clopping around upstairs. Now, considering we had to climb through a high window to get in, how did someone with high heels get in? Then we heard a bang at the top of the stairs; and then, another one ensued right in front of us. But just as we thought it was over, a child's toy bounced down the stairs.

I was sceptic about ghosts, but now I'm not so sure.