Tombstone Arizona Ghost Story

from Mike

Recently, my girlfriend and a couple of friends decided to go to Tombstone, Arizona to look around at night and take ghost pictures. I've recently gotten interested in the paranormal, and my girlfriend is really sensitive to these things.

When we arrived we parked by the courthouse while still daylight. We walked around for a while on historic Allen street. Also, we walked around Tombstone's OK Corral and nothing happened that could be considered "unusual."

After dinner, we were ready to leave, so we walked back to the car. The courthouse looked really spooky by then. My girlfriend wanted to go look inside the windows. As she walked over to it, she got the feeling like she should turn around. She came back over to the other three of us and said, "We should get in the car and go now!"

As we were getting in the car, something made chills go up my spine, and I couldn't stop looking at the side of the courthouse building. We were about to drive away, and my girlfriend said "If you take a picture right now you may get something!" I handed my friend (who was driving) the camera, and he snapped two pictures.

As we drove away, I looked at the pictures and was freaked out. It was totally dark outside and no flash was used. One window (which by the way all the windows had drapes over them), was lit up while all of the other 12 windows were pitch black. Also, there were two ghost orbs outside the building in front of that window. Just then I had this feeling of sadness hit me. Like I wanted to cry. It was just really weird!! After that we went to Boot Hill Cemetery but nothing happened there. I had about all I could take that night anyways. It's interesting to me, but scary also.