Ghost in the House

by Jacquelyn Grub

I'm telling you true, these things did happen. To this day, my children and I sometimes talk about these things, and we all believe in ghosts.

We lived in an old farm house in Parkesburg, Pennsylvania for three years, and in those three years, we experienced some ghostly presence.

One day while talking on the phone to a friend, a voice came over the radio: loud, rough. I could not understand what it said, but when I checked the plug and found that it was not plugged in, I was amazed. A number of other things happened. One time while talking to some friends in my kitchen, I was telling them I thought the house was haunted. They mocked me saying, "No way," and the water on the kitchen sink turned on full blast, and the electric can opener started to run. They politely said, "Goodbye," and never came back.

We also went away for a day, and came back to coffee filters in every room of the house -- sitting right up, as if put there by some one. Another time, the children and I were outside. I came inside for a minute, and found the cat in the microwave; and the microwave was running. I quickly turned it off and took the cat out. I asked the children, "Which one of you put the cat in the microwave?" And to this day (and I might add they are all grown) and married, they say they don't know, and that none of them did it.