Walmart Ghost Story?

from Raven

I live in Palm Coast, Florida. Here is my story. Hope you like it...

It happened in Wal-Mart, and I know that sounds weird. But, it scared me. My mom, was in the jewelery dept, getting a watch for my dad. I told her I wanted to go and sit (because I was bored) in the lounge chair section and test them out. LOL. Well, I end up going there. In that section of Wal-Mart I was in, there wasn't an employee in sight. None...nowhere near.

Now, the area or environment I was in it felt cool - like relaxing. However, when I sat down in a cushiony chair (5 feet away from the back of a wooden chair) I felt a little weird, like someone else was there; but, remember, there were no employees in sight, and I thought it was my imagination. It did feel cold, and not air conditioner-store-cold - I'm meaning cold, like I got goosebumps when I sat down. Saying "what-ever" to myself, I had an odd kinda' feeling about it, but I continued to just sit there.

For some reason, probably out of boredom, I looked up at another chair, for a second, and stared at it straight on. I could have sworn I just saw it move a little on it's own (you know how when someone turns a chair to seat themselves? Well, this chair was light wood). Immediately, I said, h--- sh--! What was that (to myself)?

Finding the chair moving on its own a bit  freaky, I looked at it again, and said, "No chair moves itself in broad daylight!" So, I said "Stop chair...Ahh!" As soon as I said those words, the chair turned itself all the way towards me! Eek! That scared me. Ahh! My heart was kinda beating pretty fast by now. Laughing, I joked, "Don't do it again, you bad chair, eh (and I was still sitting down somehow)." When I said that, the chair just didn't stop - Ahh! It moved all the way up to my legs, but before it hit me, I jumped and said, "I'm going. Leave me alone, please!"

As soon as I was on my feet, I felt cold again; and I turned and stared at the chair and seriously felt like a ghost was staring me down. So, I got brave to turn and run away (FAST) back to my mom. Just before I took off, I heard someone whisper "Raven, come back here!" At the same time, it felt like someone had tried to grab my waist. Now that definitely freaked me out, so I ran very fast back to my mom. (Even though I felt like I was being chased by a ghost, and even though nothing was there, I felt I was in danger! Eek!)

I was very of upset and my heart was pounding so fast - I felt hot and my skin was pale. Then, I saw my mom, thank God! She asked me, "What's wrong? I just told her I had allergies (because I do get them) and that I was playing tag with a girl I met in the store. Whew! She bought it.

I hope you liked my story, I'm not trying to frighten anyone. It just scared me with the chair moving itself; the ghost knowing my name and having felt like something was chasing me. Well thank you for letting me say my share.

P.S.-I can't go by any chair department alone without a friend, because I'm kind of weirded out by any wood chair's if there is any.